Marilyn Ghigliotti
Birth Date:
August 10, 1961
Birth Place:
New York, New York, USA
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Veronica of Clerks


“My ultimate role would be one that I know would make a difference, one that when I read the script I can say ‘I love the character, I want the part.” Marilyn Ghigliotti

American character actress and esteemed makeup artist of Puerto Rican and Italian ancestry Marilyn Ghigliotti is perhaps most known for playing Veronica Loughran on the Kevin Smith-helmed “Clerks” (1994). Since the auspicious debut, she has acted in such productions as “Get a Job” (1998), “A Packing Suburbia” (1999), “5” (2005), “Who’s Your Daddy?” (2006), “Bad Hair Day” (2006), “Writers Do It Alone” (2007), “Negotiations” (2007) as well as the forthcoming “Dead and Gone” (2008). On the stage, she can be found in such plays as “Wait Until Dark,” “Harvey,” “The Premature Corpse,” “Same Time, Next Year,” “Irish Minestrone” and “Till Death Do Us Part.”

As a makeup artist/hairstylists, Ghigliotti, who earned her beautician license after high school, has done work in the TV and movie industry. The fluent Spanish speaker also pursues a side job as a wedding stylist.

In her free time, Ghigliotti enjoys practicing her hobbies like boating, bowling, fishing, biking and jet skiing. She also likes snowboarding. She stated, “Last year I attempted snowboarding. I haven’t mastered it, far from it, but I had fun.”

Ghigliott’s favorite food is chicken. She mentions “Gone With the Wind “Legends of the Fall” and “West Side Story” as her favorite films and actors Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Michael Keaton, Brad Pitt and Jeff Goldblum as well as actresses Vanessa Williams, Cybil Shepherd and Bette Midler are among her idols. Talking about her favorite bands/musical groups/performers, she said, “Most of the current bands including Aerosmith, Janet Jackson, Hootie and the Blowfish, and so many.” She added, “I like to say that I’m well diversified in the music that I like. There are some artists, however, I don’t think can sing at all but the music itself is good.”

John Eyd’s Student

Childhood and Family:

Marilyn Ghigliotti was born on August 10, 1961, in New York City, New York, to Puerto Rican parents with Italian lineage on her father’s side. She was raised in Sayreville, New Jersey, where she graduated from Sayreville War Memorial High School in 1979. Marilyn received her beautician license after high school and worked at hair salons before segueing to acting. She took acting lessons at the “Actors Training Institute” with John Eyd.

Film and Theater


New York-born, New Jersey -raised Marilyn Ghigliotti began her career at hair salons before embarking as an actress. She auditioned for a motion picture directed by Kevin Smith called “Clerk” (1994) and ended up winning the role of Veronica Loughran. The filmmaker given the part because he was interested with her ability to cry while doing a monologue for the audition. “Clerk” marked Ghigliotti’s film debut. Telling about her unmemorable moment in the movie, she stated, “Beating up on Brian, but I was only kicking the bottom of his shoes, even though it looked like a little more. I did however hit him with the pocketbook, but it was empty. If I actually had shot the fire extinguisher I might have said that.”

Later, Ghigliotti auditioned for Smith’s “Mallrats” and was offered the role of Kim in “Chasing Amy.” She turned down the role because she did not like the scene in which she had to kiss another girl.

Still in 1994, Ghigliotti appeared as rape victim on the direct-to-video “Invasion for Flesh and Blood,” and two years later, she had her next video outing with “Jacker 2: Descent to Hell” (1996). The actress did not return to the big screen until 1998 when she was cast as Gina on “Get a Job.” She closed out the decade by appearing as a reporter on “A Packing Suburbia” (1999).

Ghigliotti spent the next four years away from the film cameras and resurfaced as Chloe Johnson in 2005’s “5,” in which she also served as makeup artist, a gig she had also done for the 2002 made-for-TV film “Mary Christmas.” Ghigliotti again took the dual responsibility of an actress and makeup artist in the film “Who’s Your Daddy?” (2006), playing a mother, and later that same year, she became a hair stylist on “Bad Hair Day,” a movie which also saw her play a character named Maxy.

In 2007, Ghigliotti had bit parts in the films “Writers Do It Alone” (as telenovela woman), “Dig” (as teacher) and “Negotiations” (as female hostage) and played Alice in the direct-to-video “Roadkill.” She also became a makeup artist for “Adventures of Johnny Tao” (2007). Recently, she has completed filming “Dead and Gone” (2008), where she plays Nurse Clark. Besides, she serves as makeup artist/hairstylist in the film “The Bard: The Story of Robert Burns” (2008), which is now in pre-production.

Apart from her film work, Ghigliotti has performed in community theater in the New Jersey area, including playing “Babe” in “Crimes of the Heart,” Susy in “Wait Until Dark,” Bobbi Michelle in “Last of the Red Hot Lovers,” Nurse Kelly in “Harvey,” the wicked stepsister in “Cinderella,” the maid in “The Premature Corpse” and the girl in “The Good Doctor.” She also played the role of Hester in the New York theater production of “Sabona,” Doris in the Meadowlark production of “Same Time, Next Year,” Cheryl in the Amandla Theater production of “Still Life,” Gina in the Amandla Theater production of “Irish Minestrone” and Bride in the Shooting Stars Theater Company production of “Till Death Do Us Part.”

Ghigliotti’s voice could be heard in the Sacco Shoes commercial for Time Warner Cable in New York City.


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