Marieh Delfino
Birth Date:
September 24, 1976
Birth Place:
Caracas, Venezuela
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Dorm Daze


American actress of Venezuelan and Cuban descent Marieh Delfino, older sister of Majandra Delfino of UPN's “Roswell” fame, has been in the industry since 2001. After making her debut as a regular on the NBC Saturday morning series “All About Us,” she appeared as Denise DeMarcos on the Fox series “Boston Public” (both 2001) before enjoying success on the big screen with memorable parts in such projects as “Auto Focus” (2002), the blockbuster “Jeepers Creepers 2” (2003) and “National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze” (2003). Her more recent and upcoming movie credits include Wim Wenders much-anticipated “Don't Come Knocking” (2005), “Zerophilia” (2005), the installment “Dorm Daze 2” (2006), “Hollywood” (2006) and “Lure” (2008). She has also acted in the ABC and Touchstone Television two-hour television film “Nancy Drew” (2002).

Older Delfino

Childhood and Family:

Marieh Delfino was born on September 24, 1976, in Caracas, Venezuela, to a Cuban-American mother and a Venezuelan father, who is an enterpriser. Her family immigrated to the United States in 1984 and settled in Miami, Florida where Marieh attended Ransom Everglades High School. She went to the same high school as Robin Paul, Phil Lord, Natalia Baron and Ilan Arboleda.

Shortly after her move from Venezuela to America, 8-year-old Marieh began taking classical piano and modern dance, but it was theater that attracted her most. In addition to the arts, this young girl also tried her hand in athletics and went on to win several honors for her actions. Also a scholastic student, she represented Miami, Florida as the National Young Leader and visited congress in Washington DC to attend banquets and debates.

After graduating high school, Marieh attended university to pursue a degree in Psychology, but left her studies as soon as she started acting. Her younger sister, Majandra Delfino (born in 1981), is also an actress.

All About Us


An honor student, Marieh Delfino dropped out college in order to pursue her acting career. In 2001, she made her television debut as the star of the cult Saturday morning hit “All About Us,” along with Alecia Elliott. After playing Niki Merrick on the show, she went on to land a recurring gig on two episodes of the David E. Kelley-created series “Boston Public” (also in 2001), in which she was cast as Denise DeMarcos.

Delfino, however, did not hit the big screen until the following year when she was tapped to play the supporting role of Elizabeth on the Rick Rose-helmed action “Pranksters,” starring Beate Antares and Katherine Azarmi. She followed it up with a small role as the timid girlfriend of Crane Junior in “Auto Focus” (2002), a critically acclaimed biopic starring Greg Kinear and William Defoe and helmed by Paul Schrader. Still in that same year, she could be seen as Teeny in the made-for-TV film “Nancy Drew,” starring Maggie Lawson in the title role.

The Florida-bred performer offered a strong performance as Rhonda Truitt on the successful horror/thriller movie “Jeepers Creepers 2” (2003), opposite Ray Wise and Jonathan Breck. Also in that same year, she appeared with Tatyana Ali, Boti Bliss, Gable Carr, Patrick Cavanaugh and James DeBello in “National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze,” jointly directed by David and Scott Hillenbrand. She memorably portrayed the sexy and comedic brainiac Jerry Farber.

Delfino returned to series TV as a guest starring performer in “Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service,” in which she played Judy Moore in a 2005 episode called “Caught on Tape.” She resumed her film career by appearing as a trashy Cuban teen on Sam Shepard's drama “Don't Come Knocking” (2005), directed by Wim Wenders, and playing the role of Luca in the lighthearted comedy “Zerophilia” (2005), about a boy coming of age in which after entering his sexual prime he discovers that he has turned into a woman. She acted with her sister Majandra Delfino on the first project.

After portraying Cambria Rockwell on the hilarious comedy “Boxboarders!” (2006), which starred Michelle Alexis, Austin Basis and Julie Brown, Delfino reprised her role as Gerri Farber on the sequel “Dorm Daze 2” (2006), which went straight to video release. Also in 2006, she starred with Katherine Azarmi and Natalie Compagno for the Rick Rose dark comedy “Hollywood,” about three actors whose ways of life cross in a Los Angeles acting class taught by the 'guru' acting coach of the moment. However, after the project, she spent much her time outside the public eye and did not resurface until 2008 when she guested as Ariel in an episode of the TV drama series “Quarterlife,” starring Bitsie Tulloch as magazine editor and writer Dylan Krieger.

32-year-old Delfino is set to play Amanda on the upcoming thriller movie “Lure” (2008). Directed by Bill McAdams Jr., the film stars Michael McLafferty, Ryan Bittle, and Jessica Sonneborn, who also served as a writer.


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