Maggie Grace
Birth Date:
September 21, 1983
Birth Place:
Columbus, Ohio, USA
5' 9
Famous for:
Her role as Shannon Rutherford on Lost (2004-2005)
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Vintage Look


"I like the vintage look. That's why I love the long '20s [style] flapper necklace I have on here." Maggie Grace

Young actress Maggie Grace is currently starring as the spoilt, rich-girl Shannon Rutherford on ABC's hit drama series “Lost.” She played a reoccurring role in several episodes of "Oliver Beene" and appeared in the big screen's Rachel's Room (2001) and The Fog (2005).

Besides acting, 5' 9" tall, blonde-haired Grace also advertises for Matrix hair products. The long-legged actress is reportedly dating her “Lost” costar, actor Ian Somerhalder (played her step-brother Boone).

"I used to trip over my legs and get detention for my too-short shorts because none fit. I still trip, but now I like to show them off." Maggie Grace

Hippie Maggie

Childhood and Family:

"I have a lot of imported hippie kind of clothes." Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace was born on September 21, 1983, in Columbus, Ohio. She lives in Hawaii 9 months out of the year, but currently resides in Los Angeles.

A Guy's Girl


By age 17, Maggie Grace had made her film debut as Rachel Reed in Ellie Kanner's flick Rachel's Room, with Julian Berlin, J.D. Black and Jen Eldridge. The next year, Grace appeared in Noah Stern's Shop Club (alongside Jennifer Sky and Jenna Mattison) and in Kip Koenig's show "Septuplets," which unfortunately got cancelled before ever airing.

Also in 2002, Grace was cast to play Martha Moxley, a 15-year-old girl murdered in Greenwich in the 1970's, in the mystery-crime TV movie adopted from Mark Furhman's book, Murder in Greenwich (with Christopher Meloni and Robert Forster). She then played the wild and unpredictable teenage daughter of Tom Selleck and Wendy Crewson's characters in Richard Friedenberg's TV version of Robert Boswell's book, 12 Mile Road (2003).

Grace made several guest appearances in an episode of "CSI: Miami," "Miracles," "Like Family," "Cold Case" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." She also played the reoccurring role of Elke in seven episodes of Howard Gewirtz's brief-running adventure comedy series, the Fox’s "Oliver Beene" (starring Grant Rosenmeyer). On the silver screen, Grace appeared alongside Chase Masterson and Chris Hoffman in Michael Burnett's horror Creature Unknown (2004).

"There are plenty of guys to do her [her “Lost” character Shannon] bidding, that's for sure." Maggie Grace

Shannon Rutherford, a spoilt, wealthy-girl who survived an airplane crash and is left stranded on a deserted island, was Grace’s breakthrough role. She played the role on the ABC island-survival drama, created by successful television producer J.J Abrams, "Lost." The series, which debuted on TV in 2004, became a huge hit and has been renewed for a second season. In the show, Grace joined 10 other main characters, including characters played by Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O'Quinn, Dominic Monaghan and Naveen Andrews.

"I've become a guy's girl overnight. There are nearly 200 men on set, including crew and extras, but there are only four of us girls in the main cast. We have our little girly lunches, but generally we all hang out as one big family." Maggie Grace (on making “Lost”)

While busy filming “Lost,” Grace continued to act in motion pictures. She recently starred as Elizabeth Williams, opposite "Smallville" star Tom Welling, in Rupert Wainwright's big screen version of John Carpenter's 1980 screenplay, The Fog (also with Selma Blair, DeRay Davis and Kenneth Welsh). Grace was also invited to the shows "Entertainment Tonight" and "The View."


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