Lysette Anthony
Birth Date:
September 26, 1963
Birth Place:
London, England, UK
5' 7''
Famous for:
Her role as Princess Lyssa in 'Krull' (1983)
actress, model, producer
Her parents sent her to a convent school in Torquay, Devonat (at 10)
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Husbands and Wives


“In Hollywood, being a producer is rather like being a lesbian. Everybody says they’re doing it, when only a select few actually qualify.” Lysette Anthony

British actress and producer Lysette Anthony, whose looks and acting style were once notoriously illustrated by the TV critic of the (London) Evening Standard, Victor Lewis Smith, as rather like scoffing a whole packet of icing sugar: very sweet but rather sickening after a while, earned her first international fame as David Bailey’s “Face of the 80s” before pursuing a fulltime acting career. The multilingual actress (she speaks fluent French and Dutch, in addition to English) made a name for herself in Hollywood with her acclaimed portrayal of Sydney Pollack’s girlfriend Sam in Woody Allen’s Husbands and Wives (1992). She is also known for playing roles in movies like Look Who’s Talking Now (1993), Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995) and Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995). As a producer, Anthony currently operates her own production company, Barnaby Pictures, in her native land of England. She has produced such vehicles as Prince of Lies (1996) and Desert Flower (1999).

A former model, Anthony became the center of interest in the late 1988s for appearing nude in Playboy magazine. As for her love life, the model for Bryan Adams’ music video “Run to You,” has been married three times. She lived with first husband Luc Leestemaker from 1991-1995 and was married to producer/ writer David Prince from 1999-2003, before falling in love again with her third husband, Simon Boswell.


Childhood and Family:

Daughter of celebrity parents Michael Anthony (died at age 86 on February 14, 1998) and Bernadette Milnes, Lysette Chodzko, who would later be popular as Lysette Anthony, was born on September 26, 1963, in London, U.K. Her parents, who both run a touring company called Stage Arts Players, later divorced and her dad married Mary Mays, from whom Lysette has an older half-sister named Frances Anthony Butlin. Lysette began acting at age 10 in her parents’ theater company and was soon sent to a convent school in Torquay, Devon, after they discovered her precocious nature. As a teenager, she briefly modeled, but quit to focus on acting.

In 1991, Lysette married Netherlands-born Luc Leestemaker, but they divorced in 1995. Four years later, on April 23, 1999, she married producer/writer David F Price (born on November 17, 1961). Unfortunately, their four year marriage ended up in separation on March, 26 2003. Lysette is now the spouse of Simon Boswell.

The Face of the 80s


A child of actors, Lysette Anthony was exposed to the world of theater at age 10 when she performed with her parents’ theater company. Soon after acting in a production of “Pinokio,” she was sent to a convent school, and by age 14, she had become the youngest member of the National Youth Theatre. When Anthony was 16, her exotic looks caught the attention of top fashion photographer David Bailey, who encouraged her to pursue a modeling career. “The Face of the Eighties,” a title created by Bailey for Anthony, opted to drop out of the modeling circuit to concentrate on acting.

Making her TV series debut in the English long-running drama “Crossroads,” Anthony broke into the American scene in 1982 with small parts in the CBS films Ivanhoe, playing Lady Rowena, and Oliver Twist, as Oliver’s Mother. She moved to the silver screen a year later by playing the supporting role of Kathy Chalmers in the comedy/thriller Night Train to Murder, as well as the costarring role of Princess Lyssa in the adventure Krull, opposite Ken Marshall. She then became a regular face on the small screen with numerous performances, including one in Princess Daisy (1983) and “Three Up, Two Down” (1986, played recurring role of Angie Tyler). She also occasionally made films such as Étincelle, L’ (1984), Zoeken naar Eileen (1987) and Without a Clue (1988, starred Michael Caine).

In 1990, Anthony moved to America to pursue more work. After being seen in the NBC update of Dark Shadows (1990, as Angelique) and the TNT film A Ghost in Monte Carlo (1990, starred as Mistral), she filmed her first Hollywood movie when director Blake Edwards had her play the supporting role of Liz in the comedy Switch (1991), which starred Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits. But, it was the Woody Allen-helmed Husbands and Wives (1992) that brought Anthony a breakthrough screen role as Sydney Pollack’s aerobics instructor Sam. Costarring with the more experienced Woody Allen, Judy Davis, Liam Neeson and Mia Farrow, the actress proved she had much to give and won some critical raves.

Following her acclaimed performance, Anthony found herself in demand. She costarred with Harry Hamlin in the thriller Save Me (1993), played Julie Sanson in the drama-comedy Face the Music (1993), teamed up with Colin Firth, Ian Holm and Nicole Williamson in the controversial, vulgar, black murder mystery The Hour of the Pig (1993) and shared the screen with John Travolta and Kirsty Alley in Tom Ropelewski’s Look Who’s Talking Now (1993). In 1994, Anthony had leads in the made-for-TV films The Hard Truth and Target of Suspicion, and in the next year, she was cast in four different film roles, which included being seen as Sarah Carver, opposite Tim Daly and Sean Young, in Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995) and as Lucy Westenra, with Leslie Nielsen, in Mel Brooks’ Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995).

The same year, she also tried her hand at producing by serving as an associate producer for the 1995 feature Dead Cold, where she also starred with Michael Champion. Anthony’s next efforts were Prince of Lies (1996, as a producer) and director Martin Kitrosser’s Man of Her Dreams (1997, as an associate producer, also costarred with William R. Moses). The founder of a production company called Barnaby Pictures, Anthony got her first major turn as a producer for the 1999 Desert Flower, in which she collaborated with Elton John’s Rocket Pictures to bring the heart-wrenching and scandalous life story of supermodel Waris to the screen. As for acting, aside form film and TV, Anthony has starred in a number of stage productions since returning to her native land of England. She was seen in the 1998 London production of the comedy “Jackie” (played Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) and “23:59” at The Crucible, in Sheffield.

The new millennium saw Anthony as Elizabeth, opposite Patrick Bergin, in the horror/thriller Beneath Loch Ness (2001), play attractive spy Amanda Brown in the made-for-TV film Hotel (2001) and acting with Joe Flanigan and William Hall Jr. in the drama Farewell to Harry (2002). As for TV, Anthony was a regular in “Night & Day” (2001) and made guest appearances in “Murder in Suburbia” and “Poirot” (both 2004). During 2003-04, she also joined the cast of the British long-running crime/drama “The Bill,” in the fifteen-episode recurring role of Rachel Heath.


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