Layla Roberts
Birth Date:
October 22, 1974
Birth Place:
Kealakekua Kona, Hawaii, USA
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Playmate of the Month

Hawaiian born model Layla Roberts is best known for being the “Playboy” Playmate of the Month for the October 1997 issue. She has graced the covers of GC, Maxim and FHM and has appeared in several television series and films, including “Baywatch” (1997), “Armageddon” (1998) and “Red Letters” (2000).

Roberts is married to millionaire John Hilinski, and has one child with him. Prior to her marriage, she had relationships with big names like Vin Diesel, Jim Carrey, Oscar De La Hoya and Tom Brady.  

Roberts is a skilled equestrienne. She also loves other extreme sport athletics such as skiing, skydiving and martial arts.


Childhood and Family:

Layla Roberts was born on October 22, 1974, in Kealakekua Kona, Hawaii, as Layla Harvest Roberts. Her father is Italian and her mother is a native American from the Cherokee nation. She is an alum of Beverly Hills (CA) High School and was a cheerleader in high school.

On August 1, 2004, Layla married affluent Internet magnate John Hilinski. Their child, Paris Emerson Hilinski, was born in 2003.



Layla Roberts launched her modeling career in Paris, but decided to return to L.A. after feeling homesick. Later on, a scout from Elite Models discovered her in a grocery store that gave Roberts another chance to re-launch her career.

Roberts enjoyed one big success when she was selected as the Playmate of the Month in the October, 1997 issue of  “Playboy.” She went on to appear in a number of “Playboy” videos and posed for a “Book of Lingerie” newsstand special edition.

After her appearance on Playboy, Roberts guest starred in the television shows “Baywatch” (1997, playing Nola) and “Erotic Confessions” (1998, playing Jacqueline Stone). She also appeared in the films “Armageddon” (1998), “Beowulf” (1999) and “Red Letters” (2000), where she respectively played the roles of Molly Mounds, Grendel's Mother, and Cheryl Russo, as well as in the direct to video “Erotic Confessions: Volume 9” (1998).

As a supermodel, Roberts became an object of bidding war between Elite and Ford over who would be the first to sign her to model their Lorel campaigns in Paris, France. In 2003, her face decorated the cover of magazines such as GC, Maxim and FHM.


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