Laura Prepon
Birth Date:
March 7, 1980
Birth Place:
Watchung, New Jersey, USA
5' 10
Famous for:
Her role as Donna Pinciotti on the Fox sitcom That '70s Show (1998-present)
Watchung Hills Regional High School
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That ‘70s Show


One of the most well-known faces in Hollywood, model-turn-actress Laura Prepon came to mainstream stardom while portraying tomboyish, redheaded stunner Donna Pinciotti on the hugely popular Fox sitcom “That ‘70s Show” (1998-2006). The raising star is also known for playing roles in such films as the indie Southlander (2001), the comedy Slackers (2002), the horror Lightning Bug (2004, also executive produced), the drama Pornographer: A Love Story (2004), Romancing the Bride (2005, TV), the animated The Chosen One (2006, voice of Rachel Cruz), the drama/romance Come Early Morning (2006) and Joel Bender’s Karla (2006).

Off screen, Prepon was named one of Stuff magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women In The World” (2002) and one of Maxim Magazine’s “Hot 100” (2005). As for her personal life, a self-described as modest, honest, and laid-back, Prepon lives on a somewhat strict diet and doesn’t eat cheese, red meat, chocolate or drink soda. The natural red-headed beauty enjoys such activities as gymnastics, horseback riding, ice skating, ballet, playing the piano when she is not working. An athletic girl, Prepon also likes playing such sports as tennis, soccer and golf. On a more personal front, the actress of a half-Irish-Catholic and half-Russian-Jewish descendent now resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, actor Chris Masterson (born on January 21, 1980), and her dogs, Cody and Lambert. The couple met in 1999 and began dating in the fall of 2000.

Big Red

Childhood and Family:

Daughter of Michael Prepon (orthopedic surgeon) and Marjorie Prepon (ex-high school teacher), Laura Prepon was born on March 7, 1980, in Watchung, New Jersey. Her dad passed away when she was 14, a year after he underwent heart surgery. A youngest child, she has three older sisters: Stephanie Prepon (born in 1970), Jocelyn Prepon (born in 1972) and Danielle Prepon (born in 1974), and a brother named Brad Prepon, who is two years her senior.

Laura Prepon, whose nickname is Big Red, was educated at Watchung Hills Regional High School. An interest in acting from an early age led Laura drop out of regular secondary school and enrolled herself in NYC’s Total Theater Lab. In addition to drama, she also studied jazz, ballet and modern dance.



Watchung, New Jersey-born and raised Laura Prepon was interested in acting as a child and started learning the craft when she entered the age of 15. She continued to hone in on her talents at a theater college in New York and performed in several plays like “A Woman of Property” and “Ascension Day.” Her first professional acting job came when she was hired to appear in an MCI TV commercial. A lively girl, Prepon also tried her hand in modeling and spent some time to model in such places as Brazil, Paris and Milan.

At age 17, Prepon landed a starring role as Chloe on a groundbreaking Internet soap opera, the Levi Strauss-developed “They Go On.” With only little acting experience, the girl then auditioned for a role in a TV series called “That ‘70s Show.” Her potential soon caught the attention of the show’s producers who felt she was a perfect choice to play Donna and the rest is a history. Teenaged Prepon won the part, a major role as an intelligent, tough, tomboyish, funny girl-next-door and attractive former girlfriend of the show’s main character Eric Forman(played by Topher Grace) on the critically-lauded period sitcom focusing around six teenaged pals in suburban Wisconsin aired by Fox. During the shows’ eight-season run (1998-2006), the young actress’s impressive performance won both the hearts of audience and critics alike and she was launched to stardom along with her five young co-stars. For her efforts on the hugely popular series, Entertainment Weekly named her a “Raising Star” and “Wonderfully Deadpan.”

“I liken it to people who had really amazing college years, met great people, experienced a lot of life and were shaped by the whole experience. I was 17 when we started the show. It was a huge growth period for all of us. Now we’re graduating. Laura Prepon on the newly-graduating That ‘70s Show

While enjoying her successful years with “That ‘70s Show,” Prepon also branched out to film acting. She got her first taste in front of the movie camera arrived in 2001 when she was tapped to play a good-looking, young TV telepathic named Seven=Five in the independent film Southlander. The comedy/music film by Steve Hanft starred Beck, Beth Orton and Hank Williams. It was followed by another supporting part in a comedy film about that all too ordinary idealistic lifestyle of slacking called Slackers (2002), starring Devon Sawa, Jason Segel, Jason Schwartzman and James King.

Two years away from filmmaking, Prepon returned with a costarring role opposite Bret Harrison in writer/director Robert Hall’s horror Lightning Bug (2004), where she also served as an executive producer. The same year, she also teamed up with Irčne Jacob, Martin Donovan, Kathleen Chalfant and Maggie Gyllenhaal for The Pornographer: A Love Story. The drama film details the story of a fanatical affiliation between an actress and a filmmaker.

In 2005, lured by her keenness for poker, Prepon took on the duty of an executive producer for the TV show “E! Hollywood Hold’em,” in which she also appeared as a host for its first game. Still on TV, the young performer made her TV movie debut in the comedy-romance Romancing the Bride (2005), along with Matt Cedeńo, Jennifer Drohan and Rudolfo Miller Mandl.
Recently, the voice of Marine for a videogame called Halo 2 (2004) and April in an episode of “King of the Hill” (2004), Prepon lent her voice for character Rachel Cruz in the animated movie The Chosen One (2006). She also could be seen acting as Kim in the Joey Lauren Adams-helmed drama-romance motion picture Come Early Morning (2006) with Ashley Judd, Jeffrey Donovan, Diane Ladd, Tim Blake Nelson and Scott Wilson, as well as starring in the title role of Karla in the Montreal Film Festival-premiered film of the same name. Directed by Joel Bender, the drama-thriller is based on the true-life of Canada’s most infamous female serial killer. As for television, the “That ‘70s Show” star participated in the pilot episode of ABC’s drama serial “October Road” (2006), playing Hannah.


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