Lara Fabian
Birth Date:
January 9, 1970
Birth Place:
Etterbeek, Belgium
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I Will Love Again


“It's not about sitting with your butt on the sofa and going 'I wanna be a star.' No way. You've got to know how to bake the bread before eating it and there's just so much you need to know and I knew I had to learn it all.” Lara Fabian

An international Belgian-Italian singer/songwriter recognized for her vocal prowess and accomplished technique, Lara Fabian has enjoyed more than 12 million record sales worldwide since entering the music industry in 1991 with her French language debut album. After the platinum album, she had a breakthrough hit with the second and triple platinum album “Carpe Diem” (1994), from which she took home her first two Felix awards at the 1995 ADISQ gala. It was in 1997 that Fabian was launched to international fame with “Pure,” a two million dollar selling album in France. The album spawned the platinum selling songs “Je T'Aime” (#6), “Humana” (#15) and “Tout” (#4) and soon skyrocketed Fabian's career in Europe. For her work in “Pure,” she picked up two Félix Awards (1997 and 1998) and a 1999 World Music Award. In 2000, Fabian made her English debut with “Lara Fabian,” which was released by Sony Music. It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers new album chart and its first single, “I Will Love Again,” became a No. 1 hit on the U.S.A. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play. Her second English album, “A Wonderful Life” (2004), however, did not do as well. It was released after “Nue” (2001), which was a hit in France, Belgium and Portugal. Fabian was dropped by Sony after the failed “A Wonderful Life” and has since released “9” (2005) and “Un regard 9 LIVE” (2006). She has also worked on several soundtracks for both motion pictures and television.

Fabian is now working on her multi-lingual album with the noted Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.

As for her romantic life, Fabian is currently engaged to Gérard Pullicino, with whom she had a daughter named Lou in November 2007. She was previously linked to French singer Sébastien Lorca and musician Jean-Félix Lalanne (reportedly became engaged in 2004).


Childhood and Family:

Lara Crokaert, who would later be popular as Lara Fabian, was born on January 9, 1970, in Etterbeek, Belgium. She is an only child to a Flemish father, Pierre, a former guitarist and backup vocalist for Petula Clark, and a Sicilian mother, Luisa. Lara grew up speaking four languages: Italian, French, Spanish and English, and spent the first five years of her life living in her mother's hometown of Catania in Sicily. They later returned to Belgium, in Brussels. She started dancing, singing and taking piano lessons at a very young age and received a formal music education from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels from age 8 to 18 years old. It was while at the conservatory that Lara began writing and performing her own songs, which was highly influenced by her idols Barbra Streisand and the late Freddie Mercury of Queen.

On November 20, 2007, Lara Fabian, whose nickname is “Laroutcha,” welcomed her first child, daughter Lou, with fiancé Gerard Pullicino.



Lara Fabian recognized she wanted to be a performer at an early age. Accompanied by her musician father, the 14 year old began performing in Brussels. A few years later, the Belgian native competed in a number of European singing contests and won several prizes that resulted in the release of her first single “L'Aziza est en pleurs” / Il y avait” in 1986. Written by the Belgian composer Marc Lerchs, the song was recorded in homage to deceased French singer Daniel Balavoine. Two years later, Fabian sang the song “Croire” in the reputable Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland, and was awarded the forth prize. The single “Je Sais” followed in 1989.

After her success in Europe and the completion of her studies, Fabian traveled to Quebec, Canada, in 1990 in order to promote her third single “Je sais.” She fell in love with the place and accompanied by friend and collaborator Rick Allison, whom she met at a jazz bar in Brussels, she moved to Montreal, Canada, the following year to try her luck in North America. Fabian established her own music label and publishing company called Productions Clandestines and released her self-titled French language debut album in Canada in August 1991. Having been previously recorded in Belgium, the album went on to receive gold certification in 1993 and then platinum in 1994 thanks to the success of songs like “Le jour où tu partiras,” “Les murs” and “Qui pense à l'amour.” Her talent as a songwriter was particularly verified with the success of the single “Je m'arrêterai pas de t'aimer.” For her effort, Fabian netted several nominations at the 1993 ADISQ awards, and a poll launched during that period indicated that she was regarded as the most promising singer in Quebec.

Fabian released a sophomore album, “Carpe Diem,” in 1994 that became a breakthrough hit. The album went gold in less than three weeks of its release and achieved triple platinum certification the next year, while the songs “Tu t'en vas,” “Si tu m'aimes” and “Leïla” became Top 50 radio hits. Fabian won two Felix awards at the 1995 ADISQ gala, for Best Show Of The Year and Best Female Singer Of The Year (a category voted upon by the public). She also enjoyed success on the road when her SRO tour was attended by over 150,000 fans.

In January 1995, Fabian was invited by Serge Lama to perform with him on the stage of the Paris venue Palais des Congrès. Their impressive duet of Fabian's song “Je suis malade” (from “Carpe Diem”) gained a positive response from audiences and Lama asked Fabian to perform the song once more on her own, which again pleased the crowd. The following year saw Fabian provide her vocals for Esmeralda, a character in the Disney animated feature “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (1996).

In October 1996, Fabian released her third album, “Pure,” which went platinum within two weeks of its release. She was handed a Félix for Popular Album Of The Year at the 1997 ADISQ festival and two Juno nominations in the categories of Best Selling French Album and Best Female Singer for her work on the album. The victory again put Fabian on the radar of film studios. She was asked to co-write a song for the Rob Cohen movie “Daylight” (1996), starring Sylvester Stallone and “Tant Qu'Il y Aura de l'Amour,” was performed in French by Donna Summer and Bruce Roberts and produced by David Foster.

Fabian, however, did not experience mainstream international success until July 1997, when she re-released the third album under the French Polydor label. Spawning such French hits as the anti-homophobia anthem “La Difference” (#10) and the platinum selling singles “Je T'Aime” (#6), “Humana” (#15) and “Tout” (#4), the album sold two million copies in French and subsequently rocketed her European career. In January 1998, she sang a duet with Johnny Hallyday at a welfare concert given for the Restos du Cur, and performing on her own, two sold-out concerts at L'Olympia. On that same stage, in February 1998, she was honored with the Discovery of The Year award at the Victoires de la musique celebration. Polydor then released “Carpe Diem” in Europe.

Fabian was in high demand following two successful shows at the Paris Palais des Sports in April. She was again asked to perform with Johnny Hallyday in many concerts at the Stade de France, which attracted approximately 240,000 fans. The next fall, she appeared in a European tour that successfully gathered more than 100,000 fans. With the increasing popularity, Paris's Grévin Wax Museum exposed her cover image, an achievement for Fabian since she became the first female Canadian singer to be honored by the celebrated Paris institution. Later, in November, the singer picked up a 1998 Félix for Artist With The Most Recognition Outside Quebec at the ADISQ Gala and closed out the decade by doing a cover shot for the magazine “Paris Match,” which also named her “Revelation of The Year.”

Two months after receiving a World Music for Best Selling Record for her album “Pure,” Polydor released her album in July 1999 for the European market. The album had little modification, but included a new album cover and the added new song “Croire.” Fabian gained further international recognition when she secured a contract with Sony Music and released her first English language debut, “Lara Fabian,” in 2000. The songs were written and produced with the support of her partner Allison and Dave Pickell, in addition to Walter Afanasieff, Glen Ballard and Pat Leonard.

“Lara Fabian” consisted of the dance pop song, “I Will Love Again,” her first English single that peaked at No. 1 on the U.S.A. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play. The album climbed into the Billboard Heatseekers new album chart and landed at No.1.

After recording songs for such Hollywood motion pictures as “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” and “AI: Artificial Intelligence,” Fabian returned to her French roots by releasing the French album “Nue” in the fall of 2001. It consisted of the anthem “J'y Crois Encore,” a Top 20 hit in France, her personal favorite track, “Immortelle,” “Aimer Dejá” and “Tu Es Mon Autre,” a duet with fellow Belgian friend and singer Maurane that received a nomination for song of the year in 2002. “Nue” reached No. 1 in Belgium and No. 2 in France, but enjoyed little success in Québec. The album was also released in Portugal, where it became a Top 10 hit.

Following the successful “Lara Fabian Live” (1998), which debuted at No. 1 on the France charts, Fabian launched a second live album in 2002 simply titled “Live.” During that same period, she embarked on a tour in Paris with Maurane and Daniel Lavoie. Another live CD/DVD, the best-selling European “En Toute Intimité,” followed in 2003.

“A Wonderful Life,” Fabian's second English album, was launched in 2004. Although it was critically praised, the album was a major commercial flop. The first single, “The Last Goodbye,” was released in America and most other countries, except France. She then released “No Big Deal” in the French market. However, both songs were considered unsuccessful, probably due to lack of promotion from Sony. Sony also canceled the album's release in the United States.

Fabian spent the rest of 2004 away from public aye. She also left Québec and returned to her native Belgium. This created a speculation that Fabian was having serious health problems, but she later appeared in a short interview in Québec explaining some of the reasons why she took a hiatus from the music industry.

In 2005, Fabian resurfaced with a new album and a new home. “9” was released in France and Canada under the Universal Music Group. In addition to the hit single “La Lettre,” which she wrote and composed with her new partner and then boyfriend Jean-Félix Lalanne, the successful album also had singles like “Ne Lui Parlez Plus D'Elle,” “Un Ave Maria,” “Il Ne Manquait Que Toi,” and the gospel-infused “L'Homme Qui N'Avait Pas De Maison.” She followed the album with a big tour called “Un Regard 9” in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Lebanon, Russia, Quebec, Turkey, Luxembourg, Mauritius, French overseas territories of the Caribbean and Oceania, and a summer tour. She also made her debut performance in Portugal, performing songs from her two English albums and a few French songs. In 2006, Fabian released “Un regard 9 LIVE” (2006), a live CD/DVD recorded at the Zenith in Paris with a new song, “Aime.”

The 38-year-old singer is currently working with Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard on her multilingual album set to be released in 2008/2009.


  • World Music (Monaco): Best Selling Record, “Pure,” 1999

  • ADISQ: Félix, Artist With The Most Recognition Outside Quebec, 1998

  • Victoires de la musique: Discovery Of The Year, 1998

  • ADISQ: Félix, Popular Album Of The Year, “Pure,” 1997

  • ADISQ: Félix, Best Show Of The Year, 1995

  • ADISQ: Félix, Best Female Singer Of The Year, 1995

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