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Kylie Minogue and Jean Paul Gaultier on a partnership that still pushes boundaries
SP_COP - October 22, 2014 -
They are an odd match, these two; from opposite sides of the planet, polar ends of popular culture. He the controversial iconoclast, she the girly pop-star. She the "singing budgie", he the designer...
Kylie Minogue -                  	London October 31st 2017.
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Kylie Minogue - Instagram 10/27/2017
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Kylie Minogue plans to take a break from music - report
SP_COP - October 22, 2014 -
Australian pop star KYLIE MINOGUE is reportedly planning to take more than a year off from music to focus on her acting career.The singer, who found fame in Aussie soap opera Neighbors in 1986, is sai...
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Do the loco-motion: Kylie Minogue joins The Rock's 3D earthquake movie
SP_COP - June 12, 2014 -
Kylie Minogue will make a rare big screen appearance in the disaster movie San Andreas, reports Variety. The film stars Dwayne Johnson as a helicopter pilot vying to rescue his daughter following a ca...