Kim Basinger
Birth Date:
December 8, 1953
Birth Place:
Athens, Georgia, USA
5' 7˝
Famous for:
Her role in '9 12 Weeks' (1986)
Actress, Model
University of Georgia
Kim Basinger Apologises For Making Bad Films
SP_COP - January 08, 2014 -
Kim Basinger has apologised for making a number of "bad comedies" during her acting career.The actress has garnered critical acclaim for her work in dramas such as The Natural and L.A. Confidential, f...
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Kim Basinger Tried to Protect Daughter
SP_COP - December 12, 2013 -
Kim Basinger feels she tried to provide her daughter, Ireland Baldwin, with a stable childhood and never expected the teenager to follow in her footsteps by becoming a model.Kim Basinger 60, was surpr...
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Kim Basinger Narrates Harrowing New Animal Welfare Video
SP_COP - November 20, 2013 -
Actress and animal rights activist Kim Basinger is lending her voice to a hard-hitting new video exposing the horrors dogs are subjected to at a Georgia research centre for cosmetic dentistry.The L.A....