Khaled El Nabaoui
Birth Date:
September 12, 1966
Birth Place:
Mansoura, Egypt
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Khaled El Nabaoui
Kingdom of Heaven


My name is Khaled Nabawi. I'm an actor. Listen, he has to-he has to please these people. He has to-he has to be up to their will. That's their will. And he's been always saying, 'I will follow the simple people. I will follow the normal people.' That's the time. Okay, follow them! Follow them! This is very important, to follow them. This is the Egyptian people. You have to follow them! What do they have to do more than this to prove that they want a change?” Khaled Nabawy  

Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy, also known as Khaled El Nabaoui, received acclaim for his portrayal of Ram in Youssef Chahine's “Al-mohager” (1994), for which he also won  the 1995  All African Film Best Actor Award. He reunited with Chahine for the film “Destiny” (1997), where he took home the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema Horus Award for his scene stealing turn as Nasser, The Crown Prince. He is maybe best recognized to American moviegoers for his performances  in Ridley Scott's “Kingdom of Heaven” (2004) and Doug Liman's “Fair Game” (2010).  Khaled also has acted in television and theater.

Currently, Khaled resides in Cairo, Egypt. He was a high profile supporter of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

El Mansoura

Childhood and Family:

Khaled Nabawy was born Khaled Muhammad El Nabawy on September 12, 1966, in El Mansoura, Egypt. He was educated at the Institute of Performing Arts. He married Mona El Maghrabi in 2002.



First billed as Khaled El Nabaoui, Khaled Nabawy had his first taste in front of the film cameras when he landed a part in the Egyptian movie “Al-moaten Masry” (1991). Directed by Salah Abouseif, the film was nominated for Golden St. George at the 1991 Moscow International Film Festival. The same year, he also appeared in the television documentary “Al-qahira menauwwara bi Ahlaha,” with Bassem Samra.

Khaled's big break came when he was cast as Ram in director Youssef Chahine's drama film, “Al-mohager” (1994), opposite Ahmed Bedir, Safia El Emari and Mahmoud Hemida. The film won the Best Cinematography Award and the Best Actor Award for Khaled at the 1995  All African Film.

Khaled resurfaced in 1997 when he played Emad in the Ashraf Fahmy directed drama/thriller movie “El-katl El-laziz,” opposite Mervat Amin, Ilham Shaheen and Samir Sabri. He went on to portray Nasser, The Crown Prince in “Destiny” (“Al-massir,” also 1997), which reunited him with Youssef Chahine. For her bright performance,  Khaled picked up the Horus Award for Best Supporting Actor at the 1998 Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema.

In 2000, Khaled had title role on the drama film “Omar 2000,” directed and written by Ahmed Atef. Three years later, he the direct to video “Lost in the USA,” helmed by Rafi Girgis. Khaled made his Hollywood debut when he landed the role of Mullah, the first advisor to Saladin in Ridley Scott's epic movie “Kingdom of Heaven” (2004), opposite Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Brendan Gleeson, Marton Csokas, Liam Neeson, Edward Norton and Ghassan Massoud. The film grossed over $211.6 million against a budget of $147 million.

In 2008, Khaled starred in “Beirut Open City,” a drama film directed and written by Samir Habchi.  In the following year, he played Hassan, the octogenarian protagonist in the Ahmed Maher directed film “The Traveller,” opposite Omar Sharif. Khaled, however, did not return to Hollywood cinema until he was cast as Hamed, an Iraqi scientist, in the biographical film “Fair Game” (2010), directed by Doug Liman and starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.  The film was one of the official selection competing for the Palme d'Or at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. It won the Freedom of Expression Award from the National Board of Review.

Khaled is set to star along with Agnes Bruckner, Rizwan Manji, William Atherton and Cary Elwes in “The Citizen” (2012), directed by Sam Kadi.


Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema: Horus Award, Best Supporting Actor, “Destiny,” 1998
All African Film: Best Actor, “Al-mohager,” 1995
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