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Kevin Spacey Scolds Audience Member For Leaving Phone On
The actor is starring in a one-man show at the Old Vic to mark the end of his 10-year stint as the theatre's artistic director.In Clarence Darrow, he plays the titular 19th century lawyer as he relive...
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Clint Eastwood's tears for war heroes
SP_COP - April 21, 2014 -
Clint Eastwood broke down in tears while interviewing war veterans.The director recently held a casting call for ex-military members for his upcoming film, 'American Sniper,' and became extremely emot...
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Kevin Spacey to play Winston Churchill in WWII film 'Captain of the Gate'
SP_COP - March 26, 2014 -
Kevin Spacey is trying his hand at a whole new house of cards.The 54-year-old actor has been tapped to play late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a new World War II film, according to the H...
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Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizzas at Oscars
SP_COP - March 04, 2014 -
Ellen DeGeneres had pizzas delivered to the Oscars ceremony on Sunday (02.03.14).The 'Ellen' host - who presided over the four-hour awards service - didn't want any of the celebrity guests to have to...