Kevin Smith
Birth Date:
August 2, 1970
Birth Place:
Red Bank, New Jersey, USA
5' 10''
Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Composer, Comic Writer
Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands, New Jersey (graduated in 1988)
On February 13th, 2010, Kevin was on board a Southwest Airlines flight in...
Says smoking marijuana makes him a better filmmaker. (October 2009)...
Admits he is so fat that he broke a toilet recently. (October 2008)...
Kevin Smith Developing Late-Night Talk Show
SP_COP - March 28, 2014 -
Director Kevin Smith is in talks to host his own talk show on America's AMC network.The Clerks star could soon add another title to his resume with a new project titled Hollywood Babble-On, a series b...
Eliza Dushku - Kevin Smith photoshoot
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Kevin Smith working on Christmas horror anthology Comes the Krampus
SP_COP - January 27, 2014 -
Kevin Smith has announced a new Christmas-themed horror film.The filmmaker is working on the anthology Comes the Krampus."I was goofing around with [Smodcast collaborator] Andy McElfresh, when we acci...
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Kevin Smith on Ben Affleck's Batman costume
SP_COP - November 12, 2013 -
Kevin Smith has seen the Batsuit Ben Affleck will wear in Batman Vs Superman, and has been sharing his thoughts...Kevin Smith was in attendance at the Man Of Steel live fan event that took place over...
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