Kelly Osbourne
Birth Date:
October 27, 1984
Birth Place:
London, England, UK
5' 3
actress, musician
Was bullied when she was a child with everyone called her Kelly Smelly Wit...
Has been left with a permanent thumbs up after falling out of her bed in a...
Called Christina Aguilera a fat b***h after seeing a photograph of the sin...
Nicole Scherzinger looks schamazing in Malibu video shoot
SP_COP - June 10, 2014 -
Lifeís a beach for Nicole Scherzinger these days, well thatís according to her latest music video anyway.The former Pussy Cat Dolls star can be seen writhing around in the sand in the new video for si...
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Too Close? Kelly Osbourne Kisses Father Ozzy Osbourne On Lips At Rock Charity Gala
There's nothing wrong with showing a bit of affection towards another family member but Kelly Osbourne and her father Ozzy Osbourne may have taken it a little too far last night when they kissed each...
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Kelly Osbourne Shaves Head, Keeps Mini-Mohawk in Makeup-Free Picture
SP_COP - May 05, 2014 -
Her bob just wasn't cutting it! Kelly Osbourne showed off an even more drastic hairstyle via Instagram on Friday, May 2. The E! Fashion Police cohost shaved the majority of her head, leaving only a mi...
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Creating a buzz! Kelly Osbourne unveils new edgy hairdo in Instagram selfie
SP_COP - April 07, 2014 -
When it comes to Kelly Obsourne, you can always count on her to push the envelope.And that's exactly what she did on Sunday when she revealed her new semi buzz cut on Instagram.'Here is one pic of my...