Katie Cassidy
Birth Date:
November 25, 1986
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, California, USA
5' 7''
Actress, Musician
Calabasas High School in Calabasas, California
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Kelli’s Black Christmas


"Both. I don't know. I guess people ask ‘Has it helped you?’ Yes. But then again at the end of the day I still have to go in there and audition like everybody else. They're not going to hire you if you suck. Yes and no." Katie Cassidy (when asked if her background was an advantage or disadvantage).

Daughter of 1970s pop idol David Cassidy and former model Sherry Benedon, Katie Cassidy released her first CD, a cover of her father’s mega hit classic “I Think I Love You” in 2002. She also branching out in acting and had a recurring role as Martin’s classmate Zoe (2005) on the WB's family drama “7th Heaven.” She has appeared in the horror/thriller remake When a Stranger Calls and Adam Sandler's blockbuster comedy Click (both in 2006).

More recently, Katie got her first starring role, as Kelli Presely in the 2006 remake of the 1974 slasher, Black Christmas, alongside Michelle Trachtenberg, Oliver Hudson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Lacey Chabert. She will appear in a mockumentary called Live! and is set to play Lucy Ewing, the saucy daughter of John Travolta's J.R. Ewing, in the upcoming film adaptation of the cult TV series Dallas.

The 5' 7'' tall singer-actress was one of Paper Magazine’s “The Most Beautiful People of 2006.” In 2002, she dated pop singer and actor Greg Raposo (born on May 3, 1985; former member of popular boy band Dream Street), who wrote a song for her titled "We're In Love" for her 16th birthday. In 2004, she began dating Raposo’s band mate, Jesse McCartney (born on April 9, 1987). Katie later appeared as his love interest in his music video “She's No You” in March 2005.

"Jesse's funny and easy to talk to. I'm a really big dork, and instead of making fun of me, he goes along with it." Katie Cassidy.

Famous Dad’s Little Girl

Childhood and Family:

"I grew up at home and went to school. I studied acting for a really long time. I didn't actually get involved in it until about a year and a half ago professionally. But I did theater as a child and stuff like that." Katie Cassidy.

On November 25, 1986, Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy, nicknamed Katie, or Kaci, or Bug, was born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of 1970s pop icon David Cassidy (born on April 12, 1950) and former model Sherry Benedon. She has two half sisters, Jenna and Jamie, and one half brother, Beau Devin Cassidy (born on February 8, 1991; father: David Cassidy; mother: Sue Shifrin). Katie’s famous relatives include uncles Shaun Cassidy and Ryan Cassidy, and grandparents Jack Cassidy (actor; born March 5, 1927; died December 12, 1976 because of fire), Evelyn Ward (actress) and Shirley Jones. Her step father’s name is Richard.

As a child, Katie Cassidy took gymnastics, studied piano, guitar and singing, then took dancing and acting lessons and eventually became a cheerleader for the California Flyers, a competitive team. A resident of Bell Canyon, Katie attended Round Meadow Elementary School and A.E. Wright Middle School. She attended Calabasas High School in her neighborhood, where she cheered as a freshman and received an award for community service.

Katie also excels at skiing and snowboarding, and enjoys playing soccer and softball. Like most girls her age, she also enjoys spending time with her friends, hanging out and going to the movies (her favorite movie is Pearl Harbor). She loves shopping on Melrose with her sisters, playing on the beach and playing with her four dogs: Doodle, Jack, Sophie and Maddox (adopted with her boyfriend), and a tortoise named Myrtle. Katie also loves to experiment with art, enjoys creative writing, and is currently developing her skills as a songwriter.

I Think I Love You


"I love to be myself and not be 'molded' into someone I don't want to be. I believe in being just who I am and always being honest with myself. Even it takes longer to be successful in this business, I want to do it my way and be who I am....not what 'big business' says I need to be. I don't like people who are fake." Katie Cassidy.

The daughter of ‘70s teen idol David Cassidy, Katie Cassidy showed her musical talent at an early age, singing along with the radio as a young girl and taking singing lessons at age 12. She also performed in local musical theater productions, where she showed off her guitar and piano skills.

Discovered by pop producer Joel Diamond in a "Rite-Aid" store while with her friend buying a poser board, Katie landed a contract with Artemis Records in 2002. And despite her father's disapproval, she released her first single, a cover of her father’s mega hit classic “I Think I Love You” on July 16, 2002. That same year, she could be seen singing in VH1 Special on pop idols and the music business, “Bubblegum Babylon.” The next year, she began familiar to TV audience as she guest starred in a November episode of E! network's reality show "Celebrities Uncensored" and a January episode of popular Lifetime Television series "The Division."

Meanwhile, Katie’s rising exposure led her to several modeling jobs, beginning with high-profile campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess?'s Rock and Republic line in 2004. She recalled: "I did Abercrombie & Fitch. I actually did a campaign for Fred Segal which I never actually saw in print. But it was cool and it was fun and I enjoyed doing it."

2005 saw Katie played Zoe, the classmate of Tyler Hoechlin’s Martin, in four episodes of the WB (now the CW) family drama "7th Heaven," and as Gabrielle in two episodes of UPN one-hour drama "Sex, Love & Secrets." She also guest starred in an episode of CBS short-lived sitcom "Listen Up" and Fox sketch comedy series "MADtv," as well as appeared in MTV Video Music Awards 2005 hosted by Diddy. That year also marked her first film appearance, in Chris Sivertson's horror drama The Lost (starring Marc Senter), based on Jack Ketchum's novel.

The following year, Katie gets busier in films. She supported Clayne Crawford, Cary Elwes and Evan Ellingson in writer-director Matthew Allen's drama comedy Walk the Talk and co-starred with Bijou Phillips, Adam Campbell, Chris Lowell and Patrick Flueger in writer-director Henry Pincus' romantic comedy You Are Here. She also nabbed another supporting role, as Camilla Belle’s best friend Tiffany, in Simon West's remake of the 1979 horror/thriller based upon a well-known urban legend, When a Stranger Calls.

"The way the script was written was really cool. I like the idea that they used the first 20 minutes of the original and made it into a whole film. (My character is a new invention, but) she is a fun character. The fact that Simon West was directing, that was a big bonus. So those things really made me want to do it." Katie Cassidy (when asked about When A Stranger Calls (2006)).

Katie added to her film-acting resume with Frank Coraci's comedy/drama/fantasy blockbuster starring Adam Sandler, Click (2006), playing the 28-year-old version of Sandler and Kate Beckinsale's daughter Samantha. Being asked about her experience while filming Click, Katie responded: "It was really funny because one of the jokes is that she grows up and she has gigantic boobs and obviously (laughter). I'm not really like that so they literally like had all this stuffing in me and it was so painful."

On Christmas this year (2006), Katie’s latest film, Glen Morgan's remake of the 1974 slasher, Black Christmas, was released. In the film, she co-starred as Kelli, one of a group of sorority sisters who was terrorized by threatening and menacing phone calls during Christmas break. Michelle Trachtenberg, Oliver Hudson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Lacey Chabert also star in the film.

Katie will soon complete her upcoming project called Live!, Bill Guttentag's mockumentary about an ambitious TV network executive attempting to produce a highly-controversial reality show where contestants play Russian Roulette. She also has beaten the likes of Kristin Cavallari and Jessica Simpson to play Lucy Ewing, the saucy daughter of John Travolta's J.R. Ewing, in the film adaptation of the cult TV series Dallas, which will be helmed by Gurinder Chadha. Recalling her audition for the role of Lucy Ewing, Katie said: "I had this big Texas hair, jeans, cowboy boots, and a yellow tank top that I stuffed to give myself a bigger bust. The director said, 'I can't believe they told you to dress like Lucy.' I was so embarrassed."


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