Katherine Flynn
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June 4, 1905
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Seymour's Girl


Katherine Flynn is the daughter of actress Jane Seymour and has worked with her mother in the films “La révolution française” (1989), “The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell” (2006), “Blind Dating” (2006, directed by James Keach, Flynn's stepfather), “Wake” (2009) and “Perfectly Prudence” (TV, 2011). She has also appeared in the series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” (1993) and “The Quitter Show” (2009), which Flynn wrote.

Flynn was Miss Golden Globe in 2001. In 2005, she was included in the People Magazine list of “50 Most Beautiful People.”


Childhood and Family:

Katherine Jane Flynn was born on January 7, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of actress Jane Seymour (born February 15, 1951) and her third husband, David Flynn. Her parents divorced in 1992 after having been together 11 years. Katie has one brother named Sean Michael Flynn (born July 31, 1985) and two half brothers, twins Johnny Stacy and Kristopher Steven Keach (born November 30, 1995), from her mother's marriage to actor James Keach (born December 7, 1947). She majored in English and comparative literature at Columbia University.

Blind Dating


Katherine Flynn made her acting debut alongside her mother Jane Seymour in the 1989 film “La révolution française,” in which Flynn was cast as Madame Royale. Four years later, she guest starred in her mother's television series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” in the 1993 episode “Where the Heart Is: Part 1 and 2.” At age 19, Flynn was named Miss Golden Globe at the 2001 Golden Globe gala.

In 2005, Flynn served as a production assistant for the video documentary “Within a Minute: The Making of 'Episode III,’” directed by Tippy Bushkin. The same year, she also starred in the video short “The Guest,” by Mischa Webley, and “Numb3rs.”

In 2006, Flynn was reunited with her mother for the comedy “The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell,” in which she also served as line producer. The two also worked together in the 2006 film “Blind Dating,” which was directed and produced by Flynn's stepfather, James Keach. Flynn played the role of Dolores in the film.

In 2007, Flynn portrayed Daphne in an episode of Fox's “The Wedding Bells” called “Wedding from Hell,” which was broadcasted on March 16, 2007. The next year, she landed the supporting role of Fiona Hanegan on “The Auteur” (2008), a comedy directed and written by James Westby that starred Melik Malkasian, Denise Chanterelle DuBois and Loren Hoskins, and starred in the comedy series “Home Poor” (2008), with Mindy Kaling, Heather Maidat, Elizabeth Newman, Busy Philipps and Meredith Salenger.

Flynn next worked with Elizabeth Anderson, Austin Becker and Alex Beh in the 2009 comedy “Chloe and Keith's Wedding,” by Archie Gips, and had a featured role in “Wake” (2009), a film directed by Ellie Kanner that starred Bijou Phillips, Ian Somerhalder and her mother. The same year, she also appeared in the episodes “Lecture Circuit: Part 1 and Part 2” of the hit American remake of “The Office” and starred as Sarah in the series “The Quitter Show,” opposite her mother and Crystal Angel. She also wrote the episodes “Cold Turkey” and “Tacky Dreams.”

Recently, in 2011, Flynn portrayed Annie MacIntyre in the Hallmark Channel film “Perfectly Prudence,” starring Jane Seymour as Prudence McCoy and Joe Lando as Jack. She will appear in the upcoming comedy film “Let Go,” written and directed by Brian Jett and starring David Denman, Gillian Jacobs and Johnny Pemberton.

Golden Globe: Miss Golden Globe, 2001

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