Kaitlin Doubleday
Birth Date:
Los Angeles County, California, USA
Birth Place:
July 19, 1984
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Kaitlin Doubleday is an American actress of television and film. She played the regular role of  Kate McKinney in the  ABC sitcom “Cavemen” (2007), opposite Bill English, a recurring role in HBO's “Hung” (2011) as well as guest starring roles on many popular series, including “Without a Trace,” “Strong Medicine,” “CSI: Miami,” “Bones” and others. Making her auspicious film debut in Steven Spielberg's “Catch Me if You Can” (2002),  the blonde beauty has added several more credits into her resume, including “Freshman Orientation” (2004),  “Waiting...” (2005),  “Accepted” (2006), “The Tomb” (2009) and “Final Sale” (2011).    

Showbiz Family

Childhood and Family:

Kaitlin Doubleday was born Jan Kaitlin Len Doubleday on July 19, 1984, in Los Angeles County, California. Her parents, Christina Hart and Frank Doubleday, are both members of the Screen Actors Guild. She has a younger sister named Portia Doubleday, who is also an actress.

The Tomb


Kaitlin Doubleday made her television acting debut in the episode “Between the Cracks” (2002)  of “Without Trace.” A few months later, she made an extremely promising feature film debut as Joanna, one of the many beautiful girls decorating the cast of Steven Spielberg's Frank Abagnale biopic “Catch Me if You Can,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Doubleday went on to guest star in “Strong Medicine” (2003, as Julie Windsor), “Cold Case” (2004, as Holly Richardson) and “Justice” (2006, as Elizabeth Morris) as well as appear in such films as Ryan Shiraki's “Freshman Orientation” (2004, with Mark Abney, Dicky Barrett and Marla Sokoloff ), “Waiting...” (2005), an independent comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, and Anna Faris, Jake Kasdan's “The TV Set” (2006, opposite David Duchovny, Sigourney Weaver, Ioan Gruffudd and Judy Greerand), and Steve Pink's “Accepted” (2006, starred Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Blake Lively, Anthony Heald and Lewis Black).   

Doubleday had her first regular role on the ABC sitcom “Cavemen,” where she portrayed Joel's Homo sapiens girlfriend Kate McKinney. The show ran from October 2, 2007 to November 13, 2007. She next guest starred in television series like “CSI: Miami” (2008, as Amanda Brighton), “Brothers & Sisters” (2009, as Chelsea Yeager), “Bones” (2009, as Karin Lin), “The Closer” (2010, as Linda) and “Criminal Minds” (2010, as Kelly Landis). She co-starred with Wes Bentley and Sofya Skya in the Michael Staininger directed horror film “The Tomb” (2009).  

2011 saw guest starring roles on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (as Evan Ferrari), “Chase,” “Drop Dead Diva” (as Cassie) and “Childrens Hospital.” She portrayed Logan Lewis in three episodes of the third and last season of the HBO comedy/drama series “Hung.” Besides, Doubleday was cast opposite Laura Harris and Ivan Sergei in the film “Final Sale,” which was directed and written by Andrew C. Erin.  

The blue eyed actress will play AJ in the Allie Dvorin upcoming thriller movie “Lurid” (2013). She will appear with Jonathan Eliot, Dean Chekvala and Amy Sloan in the comedy film “ Mulligan” (2012), with James Marsters and Luke Perry in the fantasy “Dragon Warriors” (2012) as well as with in Justin Bruening and John Shea in the comedy “March Sisters at Christmas” (2012).


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