Kaili Thorne
Birth Date:
Florida, USA
Birth Place:
February 19, 1992
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Blind Ambition


Kaili Thorne is an American actress. She has guest starred in television series “The O.C.,” “Lincoln Heights” and “CSI: Miami” as well as has acted in the films “Demons” (TV, 2007), “Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant” (short, 2008), “Blind Ambition” (2008) and “Chillerama” (2011). She also appeared in the Miley Cyrus “7 Things” music video, directed by Brett Ratner.

'Whisper of the Ocean'

Childhood and Family:

Kaili Thorne was born on February 19, 1992, in Florida. Her first name means 'Whisper of the Ocean' in Hawaiian, where she spent the first few years of her life. She has two sisters, Bella and Dani     Thorne, and one brother name Remy Thorne. They are all actors.

Before finding her true passion, drama, Kaili was intended to become a pediatrician. She is a strong reader and loves reading any material ranging from fun-fashion magazines to best sellers. An animal lover, she has a cocker spaniel named Pyro and a quaker parrot named Greenlee.

Lincoln Heights


Kaili Thorne made her television acting debut at age 14 when she played the role of Olivia in an episode of “The O.C” called “The Summer Bummer” (2006). In the following year, she landed a two episodic part as Jessie W in “Lincoln Heights.” The same year, she also made her first television movie appearance in “Demons,” opposite Max Adler, Jeanette Brox and Howard Chan.

Thorne, however, did not branch out to the big screen until 2008. She had a featured role as water girl in “Blind Ambition,” a teen comedy film starring Deep Katdare, Christopher Atkins and Vanessa Angel. Directed and co-written by Bala Rajasekharuni, the film won the International Family Film Festival (IFFF) Spirit Award and the Festival Prize for Best Cinematography at the Long Island International Film Expo (both 2008). Still in 2008, the girl was cast as Sister in “Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant,” a nine minute  length movie directed and penned by Shih-Ting Hung. The film received Gold Medal Alternative at the Student Academy Awards, USA.

In 2010, Thorne played the role of Alison Hollister in an unsold TV series pilot for TNT called  “Night and Day,” opposite Jessy Schram, William Fichtner and Xander Berkeley. In addition, she made a guest appearance in “CSI: Miami,” playing Lindsey Peterson.     

In 2011, Thorne portrayed Mayna in segment “Zom-B-Movie” of “Chillerama.”


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