Justin Hartley
Birth Date:
January 29, 1977
Birth Place:
Knoxville, Illinois, USA
6' 3''
Southern Illinois University in Southern Illinois, USA
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Green Arrow


“I like to think I'm a good husband, a good father, and good in bed. Who cares what else you do well?” Justin Hartley.

Illinois native Justin Hartley became a TV star while playing the rich and spoiled Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane (2002-2006) on NBC/DirecTV award-winning soap opera, “Passions.”

In 2006, he was a recurring on The WB/CW show "Smallville," but his character, Oliver Queen and his superhero alias Green Arrow, will be upgraded to a series regular o the show's upcoming eighth season (2008).

“I've had the absolute best time of my life. This is the best job I've ever had.” Justin Hartley (about his role as the Green Arrow in "Smallville").

Meanwhile, Hartley has starred as “Aquaman” in the failed pilot of the same name in 2006 and has guest starred in "CSI: NY" and "Cold Case." He also has starred in the film "Race You to the Bottom" (2005) and will next be seen in the upcoming films "Red Canyon" and "Spring Breakdown."

The 6' 3'' brown-eyed blonde has been married to his “Passions” co-star Lindsay Hartley since 2004 and has one daughter with her.

Justin Scott

Childhood and Family:

"I don't have a gardener because I enjoy pulling weeds. It's hard to explain but there is something fulfilling about pulling out a weed and knowing that you got all the roots." Justin Hartley.

Born in Knoxville, Illinois, on January 29, 1977, Justin Scott Hartley was raised in Orland Park, Illinois. The second child of four, Justin has two younger sisters, Megan and Gabriela Hartley, and one older brother, Nathan.

Justin attended Carl Sandburg High School, where he played various sports including baseball, basketball and soccer. He later went to Southern Illinois University in Southern Illinois, and University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois, where he majored in History and Theater.

on November 13, 2003, Justin became engaged to his girlfriend of six months, Lindsay Hartley (born on April 17, 1978), who played Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald opposite him in the show “Passions.” They were married in a small ceremony on May 1, 2004 and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Isabella Justice Hartley, on July 3, 2004.

“Lately I have been changing a lot of diapers!” Justin Hartley.

An avid basketball player and fan, Justin's two favorite teams are the Cubs and the Dodgers. He is very fond of reading plays and is almost always reading at least one play. Justin, who likes to go to the gym for relaxation, once admitted that his guilty pleasure was watching professional wrestling. He has a dog (half beagle-half terrier) named The Gooch.

“I have been an avid baseball fan my entire life and am currently enjoying watching my two favorite teams the Cubs and the Dodgers try to make the playoffs.” Justin Hartley.



“I've never been really practical. I mean, back when I played baseball in high school, I just assumed I would play professionally. (chuckles softly) And it didn't happen obviously, not by a longshot.” Justin Hartley.

After suffering an injury while playing sports in high school, Justin Hartley changed his career direction and tried his hand in acting. He sharpened his skills at Southern Illinois University and found the joy of performing on stage.

Following graduation, Hartley moved to Los Angeles with only $324 in his pocket. Not long afterwards, he landed the role of the rich and spoiled Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane on NBC/DirecTV award-winning soap opera, “Passions.” He stayed on the show from 2002 to 2006 and immediately became a fan favorite. His performance in the show has earned him two Soap Opera Digest Award nominations, one for Favorite Triangle he shared with Lindsay Hartley and Brook Kerr, and another one for Outstanding Younger Lead Actor.

During his “Passions” tenure, Hartley appeared in the National commercial for Miller Genuine Draft that launched in late fall of 2002. He also made his film debut in "Race You to the Bottom" (2005), a romantic drama written and directed by Russell Brown. It features Amber Benson, Cole Williams, Jeremy Lelliott, and Justin Zachary.

“Before I took the roles, I was more familiar with Aquaman, I think, than I was Green Arrow. I don't know why. Maybe it's just because I have a lot of friends who are really heavy into comic books and stuff, and I think maybe they were Aquaman people. Maybe I was just around it more. But I've been reading up on him, and I've been doing my mythology homework, so, I'll be ready to go.” Justin Hartley.

He also replaced Will Toale as the young Aquaman, Arthur AC Curry, for the un-picked TV series on The WB, “Mercy Reef” (2006; aka. "Aquaman," "Tempest Keys").

Asked what it was like doing the "Aquaman" pilot, Hartley admitted, “You know, it was great. We did some tank work, and then we did some ocean work as well. We were actually in the reef and in the ocean swimming around. It was great. It was a lot of hard work. It was really physically taxing, but nothing I couldn't handle, and really beautiful and tranquil. It's really interesting, looking at an aquarium as opposed to being in their environment. It's a little freaky, but it's fun. I swam with dolphins. That was so great, man. That was so, so fun. I would recommend that to anybody. It was a good time, to work with all those guys. They're all professionals, like all the divers underwater and stuff, so, it's good.”

He also commented on playing Aquaman, saying “It is interesting playing a super hero who wasn't necessarily hiding his secret. At the same time, he was so human it was hard to believe he wasn't. It was hard to believe this guy wasn't your neighbor, let alone that he was from Atlantis. I tried to be subtle.”

After leaving “Passions,” Hartley snagged the role of Oliver Queen and his superhero alias Green Arrow, on The WB/CW show about the young Superman/Clark Kent, "Smallville." Introduced on the show during its sixth season (2006), Hartley's character will be upgraded to a series regular o the show's upcoming eighth season (2008).

About the Green Arrow staying in "Smallville," Hartley commented, “The story does lend itself to the Green Arrow coming back. The way it's left, I don't know if he would come back to Smallville or another show.”

He also explained about doing a Green Arrow spin-off, saying “People are always asking me that, and my answer is always, 'I'm doing Smallville right now and I can't really focus [on anything] until I'm done with it'. But now that [my stint] on Smallville is done, yeah, I guess it's time to start thinking about [a spin-off]. Obviously it's not up to me. If someone calls we'll have to start talking.”

Meanwhile, Hartley starred in the made-for-television movie "Spellbound" (2007), alongside Lauren Bittner and Annie Potts. He was also spotted as a guest in an episode of CBS police procedural drama "CSI: NY" and CBS cop series "Cold Case."

Hartley has completed his upcoming film projects, "Red Canyon," an action/thriller by director Giovanni Rodriguez in which he co-stars with Christine Lakin, Norman Reedus, and Tim Draxl, and "Spring Breakdown," a comedy by Ryan Shiraki starring Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, and Parker Posey. He will also star in opposite Lyndsy Fonseca in a new dramatic TV movie called "Austin Golden Hour."

By this time, Hartley has starred in the student films "America The One" and "Get Up, Stand Up," as well as theatre productions of "Of Mice and Men," "Actor's Spotlight Hour," and "Get Up, Stand Up."

“Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. It definitely does pay off.” Justin Hartley.


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