Julie McCullough
Birth Date:
January 30, 1965
Birth Place:
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
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Playboy Playmate


Julie McCullough is an American model, actress and stand up comedian. She came to prominence as the Playboy Playmate of the Month for February 1986. She then played nanny Julie Costello on “Growing Pains” (during 1989-1990) until she was fired on the insistence of series star Kirk Cameron, for having posed nude in Playboy. After leaving the series, McCullough acted in many films and made guest appearances in television shows like “ Beverly Hills, 90210,” “ Drexell's Class” and “The Drew Carey Show,” to name a few. As a comedian, she has performed at the Hollywood Improv, the Laugh Factory, and the Palms Hotel and Casino.

In August 2005, McCullough was given Outstanding Achievement in Poetry and Poet Of Merit Awards by The International Society of Poets in Washington, DC. She has six poems being published in a poetry book called “Eternal Portraits.” The poems are: “The Mask,” “Being Mrs Sutcliffe,” “The Last Battle Cry,” “A Bunny Tale, A Prayer for Laz” and “Carolina Gold.”

McCullough is divorced from her actor husband David Sutcliffe. The marriage did not produce a child. She was on a basketball team with actor Casper Van Dien for numerous years and they have stayed good friends.


Childhood and Family:

In Honolulu, Hawaii, Julie Michelle McCullough was born on January 30, 1965. She is of Irish lineage. Her parents separated when she was 4 years old, and her mother, Nancy, married Herman Paynte, a Marine, in the following year. Due to her stepfather's job, she grew up in several places like North Carolina, West Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Nevada and California, as well as Canada and Italy. She attended high school in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and Allen, Texas, and that is why she considers herself Southern.

On November 10, 2001, Julie married Canadian actor David Sutcliffe (born June 8, 1969). However, the couple later divorced in December 2003.

Growing Pains


Julie McCullough began as a teen model before her move to California. In 1984, while living in Allen, Texas, she was spotted by a photographer and was invited to appear in “Playboy” magazine. As a Playboy model, she appeared in four issues: February 1985 (on the cover and as part of a “Girls of Texas” pictorial), February 1986 (as Playmate of the Month), September 1986 (on the cover and as part of a “Farmer's Daughters” pictorial) and October 1989 (a post-”Growing Pains” compilation of her first three shoots with extra pictures). Due to controversy surrounding her appearance as a Playboy centerfold, in 1989, officials of North Carolina's Azalea Festival stripped of her crown as Azalea Queen of Wilmington.

McCullough branched to acting in 1987 with a small part in an episode of “Who's the Boss?” called “The Way We Was.” Later that same year, she made her feature film debut as Polly McClatchie in Jim Wynorski's “Big Bad Mama II,” opposite Angie Dickinson, Robert Culp and Danielle Brisebois, and guest starred as Tracy, Stuart's girlfriend, in the comedy series “1st & Ten: The Championship.” In the following year, she appeared in episodes of “ Max Headroom” and “The Adventures of Superboy” (both 1988) as well as played the role of Susie in the Chuck Russell directed horror/science fiction film “The Blob” (1988), which starred Shawnee Smith, Donovan Leitch and Kevin Dillon.

It was in 1989 that McCullough joined the cast of the ABC hit sitcom “Growing Pains” in the role of Julie Costello, Mike's former girlfriend. She appeared in eight episodes until she was fired in 1990 at the demand of series star Kirk Cameron. Cameron, who had become a born again Christian several years earlier, disliked McCullough because the actress had posed in Playboy months before being hired, and requested her firing as a condition of his signing a new contract. Following a big reaction from the series' fans upon her firing, the show's producers brought back a reluctant McCullough to give the Julie character proper send-of. Years later, Cameron apologized to his TV family for his prior behavior and mentioned it as his lack of maturity. He, however, did not reconcile with McCullough.

In 1990, McCullough appeared in an episode of “The Golden Girls” and portrayed Claire Sugarman on the made for television film “Without Her Consent,” starring Melissa Gilbert, Scott Valentine and Barry Tubb. She continued to make guest appearances in television series like “Beverly Hills, 90210” (1991, as Trina), “ The Munsters Today” (1991, as Stephanie), “Harry and the Hendersons” (1991, as Darcy Warren), “Harry and the Hendersons” (1992, as Uma) and “Drexell's Class” (1991, as Rosie; 1992, as School Secretary). She also landed roles in such films as “Revenge of the Nerds” (1991, TV), Alan Roberts' comedy “Round Trip to Heaven” (1992), in which she played the role of Lucille Johnson, “Arly Hanks” (1993, TV, starred Kate Jackson, Ron Perlman and Polly Bergen), Paul Leder's thriller, “The Baby Doll Murders” (1993), John Harwood's “A Letter to Dad” (1994, starred John Ashton, Thom Mathews and Corin Nemec) and “The St. Tammany Miracle” (1994, starred Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Soleil Moon Frye and Jamie Luner).

McCullough landed the regular role of Stacey Wright in the USA Network drama series “Robin's Hoods,” co-starring Linda Purl, David Gail and Jennifer Campbell. The show ran for a season between September 1994 and March 1995. The remaining of the decade saw McCullough appear in episodes of “The Drew Carey Show” (1995), “High Tide” (1996, 1997, as Meg Kelsey) and “Pacific Blue” (1999, as Carol Best) as well as in the films “Echo of Blue” (1996), “Top of the World” (1997), “Breast Men” (1997) and “Me and Will” (1999).

In the new millennium, McCullough co-starred in the action/drama film “Intrepid,” which was directed by John Putch and starred James Coburn, Costas Mandylor and Finola Hughes, and guest starred in “Relic Hunter ” (2000, as Erica, The Erotic) and “ Black Scorpion” (2001, as Dr. Ariel Haze/Pollutia). After a short hiatus, she resurfaced in 2004 with a part in the film “West from North Goes South,” starring Shawn David Thompson, Amelia Barrett and Morris Day. Also in 2004, she did a 50 city tour of the USA as a Playboy Bunny and voiced herself as a tutorial guide in the video game “Playboy: The Mansion.”

McCullough returned to feature films when she appeared as red carpet hostess in “Jack Rio,” a 2008 thriller movie starring Matthew Borlenghi, Mary Kate Schellhardt and Sean Kanan. She went on to portray Annie in the drama/family film “A Letter to Dad” (2009), for which she also wrote additional dialogue. In 2011, she starred as Teri Hart in the the direct to video action film “2012: Ice Age,” opposite Patrick Labyorteaux and Katie Wilson.

Nowadays, McCullough pursues a career as a stand up comedian. She has performed at the Hollywood Improv, the Palms Hotel and Casino, and the Laugh Factory.


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