Julie Chen
Birth Date:
January 6, 1970
Birth Place:
New York City, New York, USA
5' 4½" (1.64 m)
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The Early Show


A television personality, news anchor, journalist, and producer for CBS, Julie Chen has been in the world of newscasting for more than a decade. She is perhaps most recognized as the co-anchor of CBS's “The Early Morning Show” (2002-present), opposite Hannah Storm and Harry Smith, and for hosting the American version of “Big Brother” since its debut in 2000. Known with the trademark catchphrase “but first...,” she earned the nickname “Chenbot” from “Big Brother” fans because of her heavily scripted and wooden manner of speaking while interacting with the studio audience in the interviews on the live programs. Recalling she said, “My best friend from college called one day and said, 'They call you 'the Chenbot' on the Internet. You're like a robot.' And I'm like, what?!. I watched that Internet compilation of every 'but first' I've said on 'Big Brother.' You know, my inflections are the same every single time. The turn is the same every single time. The facial expressions are the same every time. I am the Chenbot!”

As for her personal life, the American beauty of Chinese heritage has been married to president and CEO of CBS Television Leslie Moonves since 2004. Previously, she had a long-term romance with TV news editor Gary Donahue (together since 1991). They became engaged in August 2000 before finally breaking up.

Most Likely to Succeed

Childhood and Family:

Julie Suzanne Chen was born on January 6 , 1970, in Queens, New York. His father, David Y. Chen, was born in China and was one of the best leaders in Kuomintang government of Chiang Kai-shek, and her mother, Wan Ling Chen, was raised in Rangoon, Burma, in which Julie's maternal grandfather was a major industrialist. Julie has two older sisters, Gladys and Vicki.

Julie was educated at Junior High School 194 in Queens and was voted “Most Intelligent and Most Likely to Succeed” while there. She originally wanted to attend Bronx High School of Science, which her older sisters also attended, but failed to meet the school's requirements. Consequently, she attended St. Francis Prep High School and after graduating in 1987, she enrolled the University of Southern California, from which she graduated in 1991 with a double major in broadcast journalism and in English.

On December 23, 2004, Julie married her boss Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS Corp. and one of the most powerful men in TV. Her husband, who was born on October 6, 1949, is 21 years old her senior. The couple divides their time between New York and Los Angeles. She has a stepdaughter named Sara Moonves.

Big Brother


Julie Chen first worked for CBS's “Morning News” in June 1989, when she was recruited to answer telephones and copy faxes for distribution. She went on to spent the 1990-1991 season at ABC News' Los Angeles agency serving as desk assistant, in which she worked on the award-winning primetime special “Anatomy of a Riot,” before being promoted as a producer for “ABC NewsOne,” a gig she held from 1992 to 1995. Next, she traveled to Dayton, Ohio to work as a reporter for WDTN-TV Dayton, from 1995 to 1997.

Chen returned to CBS in 1997 when she took on the duty as a reporter and weekend anchor for WCBS-TV, the CBS-owned station in New York. After two years, she moved on as news anchor for “The CBS Morning News” and “CBS This Morning,” and later served as anchor of the “CBS Morning News” and news anchor of “The Early Show.” Chen, however, is best remembered as the co-anchor of “The Early Show,” along side Harry Smith and Hannah Storm, an assignment she has held since October 2002. In 2003, she visited Kuwait and Qatar to report the CBS News' weekday morning broadcast during the war in Iraq.

Since 2000, Chen also has served as the host of the U.S. version of “Big Brother,” a reality-TV where contestants have to contend against one another for a opportunity to win $500,000 in a house wired with cameras and microphones so that a TV and Internet audience can capture their every move. In the first season (2000), she received extensive criticized in the media due to her intemperately scripted, awkward delivery in her interaction with the studio attendance and in the interviews on the live programs. For this reason, she was labeled “Chenbot” by the Internet and numerous fans. Chen has pointed in two different interviews that she does not take personal misdemeanor to the term. She also states that it may derive from her “precise on-air style” which come from “a tendency to be objective.” In other occasion, while discussing mugs made in her liking in a segment on the CBS “Early Show,” she even proudly proclaimed, “I am the Chenbot!”

In 2005, the acknowledgeable TV personality tried her hand as a voice artist in the Emmy-winning cartoon series “The Fairly OddParents” episode of “Masked Magician, The/The Big Bash,” as Starlet.


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