Josie Maran
Birth Date:
May 8, 1978
Birth Place:
Menlo Park, California, USA
Famous for:
Guess Jeans model in 1998
actress, model
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Face of Mabelline


California native model and actress Josie Maran was launched to supermodel by being a spokesperson for Mabelline cosmetics. The chestnut haired beauty has a notable resume which includes modeling gigs for Guess?, Marie Claire, Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She also established herself as an actress.

"I'm really shallow when I come to guys. I only date really good-looking, well-endowed guys, with great bodies. My friends are always going on at me. I'm like. 'I can't help it! I'm just a woman with high standards!'" Josie Maran

Off screen, Maran was listed as the 101st of 102 Stuff magazine's Sexiest Women In The World in 2002. As for her romantic life, Maran had a long-term relationship with popular magician David Blaine, with whom she lived with in Mahattan.


Childhood and Family:

In Menlo Park, California, Josie Maran was born on May 8, 1978, to a Polish and Russian father and a French, Dutch and German mother. She attended and graduated from an all-girls private school, where she learned the importance of willpower and friendship.

Young Josie was hanging out with friends in a barbeque restaurant when a woman approached her asking for a modeling performance in a San Francisco fashion show. A scouting agent at the show discovered Josie and the agent encouraged her to choose modeling as a career. After years of working as a part time model, Josie began to pursue modeling professionally upon graduation from high school.

5' 7" tall Josie considers life an adventure. She is fond of learning about different people, countries and cultures. During her off time, Josie, who became a member of girl rock band Darling, enjoys reading, hiking, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

The Final Season


Josie Maran was spotted by a modeling agent at age 12 after a woman asked her to enter a fashion show. Encouraged by an agent, she began modeling part time until graduating high school. Upon graduation, Josie began to model professionally. Some of her earlier work includes modeling for Allen Allen, American Eagle Outfitters and Mango.

At age 17, Maran signed a modeling contract with Elite Los Angeles and received her first cover with Glamour magazine in 1998. She also posed on the covers of such magazines as Fitness, Shape, Seventeen, Stuff and Sport. Maran became popular when she was featured as a Guess? Girl for their summer 1998 and fall 1998 campaigns. She also added to her resume impressive work for Marie Claire and Victoria's Secret.

After a performance in the Backstreet Boys music video "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," Maran gained even more attention. She next joined the Elite agency of New York following her cross-country relocation.

In 1999, Maran's most prestigious contract arrived when she was signed to be the spokesmodel for Maybelline International cosmetics. Maran soon gained worldwide exposure with Maybelline. Adding to her fame, Maran modeled for the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for three consecutive years starting in 2001. She also appeared in television commercials for such companies as Neutrogena and Clairol Herbal Essences.

Josie Maran branched out to acting when a film project knocked on her door in 2002. Her first movie picture appearance was in Swatters (2002, played Susan) before playing the title character of Mallory in the independent film The Mallory Effect (2002).

Maran continued to take on roles in movies. In 2004, she portrayed one of Dracula's brides in Stephen Sommers' Van Helsing (2004), in which she was cast opposite Kate Beckinsale and Hugh Jackman. She also starred as French model Lulu Fritz in Little Black Book (2004), alongside Brittany Murphy and Holly Hunter, and was briefly seen as a cigarette girl in Martin Scorsese's film The Aviator (2004). Josie will play Kira Hastings in The Gravedancers (2005) and Polly Hudson in The Final Season (2006).


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