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Joan Collins: 'I am a feminist, but I enjoy being a woman'
SP_COP - April 26, 2014 -
There are very few true stars in this world, but Joan Collins OBE is one of them. Actress, author, producer, star of more than 60 films and dozens of plays, including a one-woman show, Tinseltown peer...
Joan Collins - BlackBook - May 2008 (x7)
Septimiu29 - 08/29/10
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Joan Collins recreates Oscars selfie
SP_COP - March 13, 2014 -
Joan Collins has recreated Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars 'selfie'.The 80-year-old actress gathered a group of British celebrities, including Sir Ben Kingsley and Jeremy Irons, together at the Prince's Trust...
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Tom Jones Interviewed Moss for Playboy Reveal
SP_COP - December 11, 2013 -
Singer Sir Tom Jones interviewed Kate Moss for her big reveal in Playboy's new 60th anniversary issue.The two Brits chatted at exclusive London restaurant China Tang and Jones confessed the questions...
Joan Collins - Dynasty Videos
ss2 - 11/19/09
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Joan Collins - Timeless Beauty... 23 hq/uhq pics
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