Jenna Lewis
Birth Date:
July 16, 1977
Birth Place:
Franklin, New Hampshire, USA
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Survivor: Borneo


American celebrity Jenna Lewis became known as a contestant on “Survivor: Borneo” (season one), finishing eighth, and “Survivor: All-Stars” (season eight), finishing third. A 2004 sex tape further increased her popularity, especially worldwide where the American version of Survivor is not aired and she was nameless. Lewis also has limited acting credits, including playing Kristen in the TV film The Scorned (2005) and Janice in two episodes of “Nash Bridges” (2000-2001).

A self-described lively, qualified and athletic, Lewis mentions football and basketball as her favorite sports. Her favorite film is Fight Club (1999), starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, and her favorite TV shows are “Scrubs” and “Nip/Tuck.” She also enjoys the music ranging from The Doors to Eminem. Currently a single, Lewis has been divorced from husband and father of her twin girls, Travis Wolfe, and resides in Burbank, California. She dated “Survivor:Africa” winner Ethan Zohn for nine months and Reality TV star Steven Hill after they starred together in “Kill Reality.”


Childhood and Family:

Jenna Lewis was born on July 16, 1977, in Franklin, New Hampshire. She was educated at New Hampshire Technical Institute.

On May 1, 2004, Jenna was married to Travis Wolfe, but the couple later divorced. She has twin daughters, Sabrina and Sadie.

The Scorned


Jenna Lewis made her entry into showbiz as one of the contestants of the long-running adventure/reality-TV series “Survivor” in its first season in 2000. Previously, she took various jobs, including daycare worker, insurance claims analyst and waitress. During “Survivor: Borneo,” the final nine outcasts were planned to accept videos from home, which they later contended to get to watch. Lewis seemed impatient to see her daughters, but the host Jeff Probst stated that the tape never came in. At the end, she was voted off the island by three contestants who had a coalition and by Sean Kenniff, who was selecting based on alphabetical order.

Since finishing eighth on the game-show, Lewis has made a lot of TV performances, including as an actress. She hosted VH1's “Rock Across America” and appeared in episodes of “The Rosie O'Donnell Show” and “E! True Hollywood Story” (both 2001), among others. She also portrayed Lacey in an episode of the short-lived sci-fi/drama series “Freedom” (2000) and had a recurring role as Janice in the CBS series “Nash Bridges” (2000-2001).

In 2004, Lewis returned to a show that made her famous in its eighth season, “Survivor: All Stars.” In the first episode, she successfully lobbied for the elimination of the second season winner Tina Wesson on the grounds that a former winner should not be permitted to win again. She kept on her fighting spirit until Rob Mariano voted her out of the final three.

Later that same year, Lewis made headlines with her hard-core 42 minute long sex tape that emerged on the Internet. The video showed Lewis and husband Travis Wolfe involving in sexual acts and intercourse in a hotel room in Las Vegas. She purposely released the tape to boost her popularity and make money from it. According to the New York Daily News, Lewis and her manager were behind the website selling the tapes and were earning 70% of the sales profits. Fascinatingly, Lewis previously had declined an offer to pose naked for Playboy.

In the summer of 2005, Lewis teamed up with other reality TV stars, among them Jon Dalton, Trish Schneider, and Steven Hill, for a TV film called The Scorned, where she was cast Hill's love interest. The filming of the movie was documented and released as a reality show, “Kill Reality” (2005). It was announced that Lewis will serve as one of the judges on the second season of “Jenna's American Sex Star,” which screens on Playboy TV.


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