Jason Padgett
Birth Date:
October 7, 1972
Birth Place:
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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Actor Jason Padgett has guest starred in television series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Angel,” ER,” “The Shield,” “ 24” and “The Closer.” He branched out to features with a small part in the box office hit “Spider-Man” (2002). He also had a bit role in “Extreme Dating” (2005) and starred in the direct to video “Bloodlines” (2007).

Oklahoma City

Childhood and Family:

Jason Henson Padgett was born on October 7, 1972, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He married Caitlin Dryer in 2007, at age 35.

Just Crazy Enough


Jason Padgett made his television debut as Nick Ryholm in the episode “ Baby It's Cold Outside” (1999) of the ABC short lived sitcom “Oh, Grow Up,” created by Alan Ball. The following year, he appeared as Troy Ziegler in an episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” called “Sex, Lies and Larvae.” He also guest starred in “ Angel” (2001, as Holden Raines), “ER” (2002, as Nolan, Lava Lounge Bartender), “The Shield” (2003, as Herk) and “L.A. Dragnet” (2003, as Doug Hess).

Padgett made his big screen debut in the critically and commercially successful superhero film “Spider-Man” (2002), the first in the Spider-Man film series based on the fictional “Marvel Comics” character Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. There he appeared as Flash's crony. He went on to make his television film debut in Comedy Central's “Knee High P.I.” (2003), starring Martin Klebba, Walker Howard and Jim O'Heir. In 2004, he portrayed Daniel in the made for TV film “The Metro Chase,” starring Jon Cryer, Christopher Plumley and Lindsay Felton.

In 2005, Padgett played the role of Brett in two episodes of the Kiefer Sutherland television series “ 24.” The same year, he also landed a part in the romance film “Extreme Dating,” starring Monique Demers, Meat Loaf and Benjamin King, and directed by Lorena David. In the next year, he portrayed Johnny Geis in the made for TV film “Sideliners,” opposite Judd Nelson, Jim Brown and Lacey Beeman, and guest starred as Oscar Bloom in an episode of TNT's “The Closer.” The actor starred as Billy Bob in the direct to video film “Bloodlines” (2007), opposite Grace Johnston and Tracy Kay.

Padgett has completed filming a starring role on the short film “Noodling” (2012), directed and written by Rebecca Eskreis. He will play Mr. Greene in the upcoming comedy film “Just Crazy Enough” (2012), directed and co-written by Lance McDaniel. The film will star Chris Kattan, Brooke Anna Leedy and Jonathan Beck Reed.


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