Jared Padalecki
Birth Date:
July 19, 1982
Birth Place:
San Antonio, Texas, USA
6' 2
James Madison High School in San Antonio, Texas
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Sam the Supernatural


"Whenever I drive under a yellow light, I always kiss my finger and tap it on the roof of the car. And I do that when I get onto a plane as well." Jared Padalecki (when asked about his superstitions)

Winning Fox TV's “Claim to Fame Contest” in 1999, Jared Padalecki later found fame as Dean Forester (2000-2005), Rory’s (played by Alexis Bledel) first love on the popular comedy “Gilmore Girls” and as demon hunter Sam Winchester (2005-Present) on the paranormal drama series “Supernatural.” On the silver screen, he could be seen in New York Minute (2004), Flight of the Phoenix (2004), House of Wax (2005) and Cry_Wolf (2005). Next, he will portray real-life American painter Thomas Kinkade in the upcoming family/drama film The Christmas Cottage, opposite Peter O'Toole and Marcia Gay Harden.

"I'm a little self-conscious about my body. I love to wear hoodies because you can get cozy and eat some food and your belly doesn't show." Jared Padalecki

In 2005, alongside “Supernatural” co-star Jensen Ackles, Jared was voted one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Ghostbusters." More personally, the 6' 2" blue/green eyed actor is currently dating his Cry_Wolf (2005) co-star actress, Sandra McCoy.

"Don't place expectations on someone. Enjoy the time you have together and let it go where it goes." Jared Padalecki

Jared Tristan

Childhood and Family:

"Anywhere I can be with my family." Jared Padalecki (on the happiest place on earth).

In San Antonio, Texas, Jared Tristan Padalecki was born on July 19, 1982, to Gerald R. Padalecki, a tax accountant of Polish heritage, and Sharon L. Kammer Padalecki, a teacher. He has an older brother named Jeff and a younger sister named Megan.

Jared attended James Madison High School in San Antonio, Texas, where he began competing in drama competitions. In 1998, he and partner Chris Cardenas won the National Forensic League national championship in Duo Interpretation. He was also named a candidate for the year 2000 Presidential Scholars Program for Advancement of the Arts after beating over 7,000 entrants in the theater competition.

"I love cookies baking. During the winter, they have these candles that smell like cookies and I always buy like a hundred of them." Jared Padalecki

The Christmas Cottage


"My drama coach gave me a lot of self-confidence when I wasn't sure of myself." Jared Padalecki

Having studied acting and participated in school plays since the age of 12, Jared Padalecki won Fox TV's “Claim to Fame Contest” in 1999. As the winner, he claimed the prizes, which included going to the Teen Choice Awards, where he met his current manager. That same year, he landed his first onscreen appearance in the independent baseball drama A Little Inside.

After graduating from high school in the year 2000, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue an acting career. He immediately scored a lead role in the failed NBC’s pilot “Silent Witness” before hitting stardom as Dean Forester (2000-2005), the tall, strapping, chestnut-haired new guy in town who becomes Rory’s (played by Alexis Bledel) first boyfriend, on the WB’s comedy “Gilmore Girls.” He was a regular on the show from the first to third season and continued to appear on it occasionally. His performance earned him a nomination at the Teen Choice Awards for TV - Choice Actor, Drama.

During his hefty five-year stint in “Gilmore Girls,” Jared also appeared in a number of movies, pilots and a short-lived show. He co-starred with Katharine Towne and Gabrielle Union on Fox’s failed pilot “Close to Home” (2001) and with Mischa Barton and Ryan Merriman in Disney Channel's production of Madeleine L'Engle's 1980 novel, A Ring of Endless Light (2002), in which he portrayed old family friend Zachary Gray. He also played the title role of a twenty-something hero, the nephew of the original MacGyver, on the WB pilot “Young MacGyver,” which eventually did not get picked up by the network.

On the big screen, he could be seen in a family comedy starring Steve Martin, Cheaper by the Dozen (2003; also featuring Hilary Duff, Piper Perabo and Tom Welling), which title was borrowed from the biography by Frank Bunker Gilbreth and Lillian Moller Gilbreth, and became the son of a senator who falls for Mary-Kate Olsen's character in Dennie Gordon's teen comedy starring the Olsen twins and Eugene Levy, New York Minute (2004). He was also paired up with the likes of Dennis Quaid, Giovanni Ribisi, Tyrese Gibson and Hugh Laurie in John Moore's 2004 remake of the 1965 film, The Flight of the Phoenix, based on the 1964 novel by Elleston Trevor of the same name.

When his contract with “Gilmore Girls” ended in 2005, Jared went on to star in House of Wax, a loose remake of the 1953 movie of the same name and the 1933 film titled Mystery of the Wax Museum. In the film, he played Elisha Cuthbert's boyfriend, alongside Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton. His performance received another Teen Choice Award, this time for Choice Movie Breakout Performance – Male.

“I’ve always been a fan of the horror genre such as The X Files and Twilight Zone and when I read the script it seemed to be much in the same vein. It’s also a fun character that I’ve never been able to play, the reluctant hero; the Luke Skywalker, the Neo from The Matrix. It just seemed like a fun character and a fun role to explore. Also I had met McG because I had tested for Superman and I knew David Nutter, one of the executive producers who also directed our first 2 episodes and I was really excited about the prospect of working on the show.” Jared Padalecki

That same year, he also snagged another regular, as demon hunter Sam Winchester, Dean's (played by Jensen Ackles) rational, sensitive, and seemingly more concerned younger brother, on the WB’s (now the CW) paranormal drama series "Supernatural." He has been on the show since its debut on September 13, 2005.

“For 18 years of his life, he was part of the trio of Winchester boys and he really didn’t want to be, so when he finally snuck away, he was going to university and wanted a normal life. But now, obviously, with the loss of his girlfriend, he’s gone back on the road with his brother. After seeing his father, he’s gradually realizing more and more that maybe this is what he was meant to do, but he’s still reluctant, because I think he blames both of loss of his mother and the loss of his girlfriend on this journey that the three of them are on and he doesn’t understand what’s going on. So he’s both motivated by the loss of the two most important women in his life, but he’s motivated and turned off by it. For him it is like, ‘Well, doing this is what caused my girlfriend to be on fire on the ceiling so maybe I shouldn’t do it.’ But also, he’s angered by it, so he wants to go avenge them.” Jared Padalecki (on his role in “Supernatural”)

Meanwhile, Jared was spotted as a guest in an episode of the WB/CW's sci-fi series about a young Clark Kent/Superman, "Smallville," and played the quick-talking and short-tempered Tom in Jeff Wadlow's murder mystery 2005 film, Cry_Wolf, alongside Julian Morris, Lindy Booth and Jon Bon Jovi. Currently, Jared is on set filming Michael Campus' upcoming family/drama film, The Christmas Cottage. In the film, inspired by Thomas Kinkade's painting The Christmas Cottage, Jared will star as the real-life painter, opposite Peter O'Toole and Marcia Gay Harden.

“I'm so happy with my family, my career and my friends, and I'd like for them to be here forever, so I guess loss is what scares me the most.” Jared Padalecki


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