Jamie Colby
Birth Date:
Forest Hills, New York, USA
Birth Place:
December 21, 1970
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Jamie Colby is known as a national news correspondent and anchor for Fox News Channel (FNC), a partnership she began in July 2003. She is a co-host on “America's News Headquarters” on   Saturdays at 1PM Eastern (with Kelly Wright) and on Sundays at 10AM Eastern (with Eric Shawn). Colby received the influential Edward R. Murrow National Award in 2002 for her coverage of the 11 September 2001 attacks. She also won the Gracie Allen Award for investigative reporting in 2000 and  the Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications. She was named Television Week's “Rising News Star To Watch.”

In February 2010, Colby launched a book called “Back to Life After a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-Step Cardiac Comeback Plan,”  which she authored with her husband Dr. Marc Wallack.
Doogie Howser

Childhood and Family:

Jamie Colby was born on December 21, 1970, in Forest Hills, New York, as Jamie Nell Colby. Her father is Marty Colby. Her brother, Jonathan T. Colby, is a Miami Dade County circuit court judge in Florida. Jamie received the nickname “Doogie Howser” (after the TV character who began college at a young age) because she was attending the University of Miami International School of Business at age 14, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting as well as earning her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law in 1993 at age 22.

Jamie is married to Marc K. Wallack, who is Chief of Surgery at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City. They have one son together.   

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While waiting to take the Bar (to become a lawyer), Jamie Colby was asked to substitute at a television station for an anchor who was absent for maternity reasons. She enjoyed it very much that she decided to pursue a career in journalism. She, however, continued to take and pass the bar. Colby worked as a correspondent for CNN and was an anchor and reporter for CBS News including substitute anchor for CBS “Up to the Minute.” Additionally, she served as an anchor for WPIX/WB-11 New York, a reporter at WNYW FOX 5 New York, and a correspondent/co-anchor on FOX News' WebMD TV.       

In July 2003, Colby began working for Fox News Channel as national news correspondent and anchor. Among FNC shows she has appeared in include “America Live with Megyn Kelly,” “Happening Now,” “America's Newsroom,” “Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith” and “Sunday Housecall.” Colby hosts “America's News Headquarters” on Saturdays at 1PM Eastern with Kelly Wright on  Sundays at 10AM Eastern with Eric Shawn.  

In 2010, Colby was featured as Alternate Juror on the comedy film “One Angry Man,” starring Jackie Mason, Raoul Felder and Mike Gallagher.

Apart from her career as a journalist, Colby is  an attorney admitted to practice law in New York, California, Florida and the District of Columbia. She served in private practice for a decade. She started her law practice with a Hollywood entertainment firm that assigned her to “The Tonight Show.”  Corby worked for Johnny Carson during his contract renewal with NBC and also his divorce.     


Edward R. Murrow National: 2002
Gracie Allen: 2000
Association for Women in Communications: Clarion Award Show Less
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