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His role in "Kiss the Bride" (2007)
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Kiss the Bride


Film and television actor James O'Shea is known for starring in the horror film “Slash” (2002, as Mac) and C. Jay Cox's romantic comedy, “Kiss the Bride” (2007, as Ryan). He has guest starred in such TV series as “Charmed,” “JAG,” “Roswell,” “Smallville,” “Ghost Whisperer” and “Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service.”


Childhood and Family:

James O'Shea was born in 1976. He was an excellent soccer player and won an athletic scholarship to college. An injury later became an obstacle before he finally found acting. He began his career at age 20 with the TV series “Sweet Valley High.”

“...I never did theatre. I took some acting classes in California, and I did some scenes from Shakespeare and that sort of thing.” James O'Shea



“I was actually started as an athlete. I was a soccer player attending college on an athletic scholarship – I wasn't going to acting school. My brother was a musician, though, who went to Harvard, so I knew there were other possibilities. I was injured and lost my scholarship, so I needed to find something else. My girlfriend at the time introduced me to modeling. That led me California and eventually to acting.” James O'Shea

James O'Shea entered television in 1996 when he landed a recurring role on three episodes of “Sweet Valley High,” a comedy starring twin sisters Brittany and Cynthia Daniel. He played Sam Woodruff. He reappeared two years later in episodes “Charmed” and “The Love Boat: The Next Wave” before debuting as a regular player in the short-lived series “Frat Ratz” (1999), playing Bud. The same year, he played Hollis in the “JAG” episode “Shakedown” and had a supporting role in the direct-to-video horror “Fear Runs Silent,” opposite Stacy Keach, Billy Dee Williams, Suzanne Davis and Dan Lauria.

Entering the new millennium, O'Shea appeared as Doug Shellow in an episode of “Roswell” called “Blind Date” and then played Chad Jeremy in the “Son of the Beach” episode “Silence of the Clams.” In 2001, he was cast as Jaques Caano in the forgettable science-fiction movie “Ice Planet,” helmed by German filmmaker Winrich Kolbe, and made his return to horror genre later that same year with “The Forsaken,” which was penned and helmed by J.S. Cardone and starred Kerr Smith, Brendan Fehr and Izabella Miko. He His film career started to gain notice in the following year with Neal Sundstrom's horror, “Slash,” in which he starred as Mac, the lead singer of the titular rock group. Among his costars in the film were Steve Railsback, Zuleikha Robinson, David Dukas and Anton Voster.

O'Shea revisited television when he contributed to the Japanese cartoon series “Master Keaton” in 2003. He next was featured as a football player in a 2004 episode of “Smallville” and played Jake in the TV movie sequel “House of the Dead 2” (2005), for director Michael Hurst. After a brief hiatus, he resurfaced as Billy in an episode of Jennifer Love Hewitt's series, “Ghost Whisperer,” titled “Speed Demon” (2007). He continued to appear in “Sin City Diaries” and “Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” (both also 2007), playing Nikolaos and Navy Lt. Sean Ferris, respectively.

2007 also saw O'Shea's profile increase significantly thanks to his work in the comedy/romance “Kiss the Bride,” about a gay male (played by Philipp Karner) who just found out that the love of his life (played by O'Shea) is going to marry, with a woman (played by Tori Spelling). The C. Jay Cox-directed movie also featured performances from Amber Benson, Joanna Cassidy, Dean McDermott, Robert Foxworth and Tess Harper.

“I want to be able to choose my roles, not just have to take whatever comes along. I think you have to tap into some sort of positive philosophy and just envision the top and go for it. I need to work as an actor and be creative with what I do. So my ultimate goal is just to be fully realized as an artist.” James O'Shea


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