Peter Dinklage Says Trask Has A 'Dark Agenda'
SP_COP - May 21, 2014 -
Peter Dinklage says Bolivar Trask as a 'dark agenda' in X-Men: Days of Future Past.Dinklage returns to the big screen this week as one of the new faces on the Days of Future Past cast list.This latest...
JAMES McAVOY -- HQ (46) -- Kevin Scanlon Shoot
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James McAvoy - Tobb Photoshoot - 39 HQ
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James McAvoy Wallpaper on Wanted
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James McAvoy: I was a mess
SP_COP - May 21, 2014 -
James McAvoy admits he was a complete “mess” while filming Filth.The 35-year-old Scottish actor portrays a junkie cop named Bruce in the forthcoming drama.But playing a sex-crazed drug addict onscreen...
James McAvoy - 79th Annual Academy Awards Arrival
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James Mcavoy - Orange Rising Star Award (BAFTAS 2007)
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