Jaime King
Birth Date:
April 23, 1979
Birth Place:
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
5' 9" (1.75 m)
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Sin City's Goldie/Wendy


"My teeth are crooked, but I love them because they give me character." Jaime King.

A former top teenage model who has appeared in a number of high profile fashion shows and on the cover of elite fashion/women magazines, Jaime King started acting in the comedy movie "Happy Campers" (1999; with Brad Renfro and Dominique Swain) and has since become one of Hollywood's most sought after young actresses.

She has starred in such films as "Blow" (2001), "Pearl Harbor" (2001), "Slackers" (2002), "Lone Star State of Mind" (2002), "Bulletproof Monk" (2003), "White Chicks" (2004), "Pretty Persuasion" (2005), "Sin City" (2005), "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" (2005), "The Tripper" (2006), and "They Wait" (2007). Next, she will play key roles in the upcoming films "The Pardon," "A Fork in the Road," "Fanboys," "The Spirit," "My Bloody Valentine 3-D," and "Riding the Pine." She will also reprise her "Sin City" role as the beautiful twins Goldie/Wendy in the upcoming sequel "Sin City 2."

Meanwhile, TV audiences could catch King on Fox's short-lived sitcom "Kitchen Confidential" (2005-2006), as Tanya the hostess, and on CBS Emmy Award-nominated sitcom "The Class" (2006-2007), as Ethan's (played by Jason Ritter) ex-girlfriend Palmer. She will star alongside Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall in an upcoming CBS sitcom called "Project Gary."

The 5' 9" alluring, lithe blue-eyed blonde, who has both of her nipples and her tongue pierced with silver bars and has six tattoos, was one of Maxim magazine Hot 100 (2005; 2007; 2008), Maxim's 50 Sexiest Women(1999), Stuff magazine's 102 Sexiest Women in the World (2002), and Loaded's Hot 100 Babes (2002).

She was romantically linked to fashion photographer David Sorrenti (son of photographer Francesca Sorrenti and brother of photographer Mario Sorrenti; died at age 21 after overdosing on heroin), musician Kid Rock (she dated him when she was 20), Bradley Cooper (met while working on the Fox series "Kitchen Confidential" in 2005), Matt Damhave (reportedly dating in 2002), Robert Ritchie (together in 2000-2001), actor Jake Gyllenhaal (reportedly dated in spring 2001), and model and personal trainer Alex Burns.

"No, I don't call him Kid Rock. I call him Bobby." Jaime King [on then-boyfriend Kid Rock].

King is now the wife of film director Kyle Newman, whom she married in November 2007.

Beauty Queen Daughter

Childhood and Family:

In the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, Jamie King, who would be more popular as James King and later Jaime King, was born on April 23, 1979. Her parents, Robert R. King and Nancy H. King, a former beauty queen, named her after Lindsay Wagner's character Jaime Sommers in the 70s TV show “The Bionic Woman” (1976). Her parents separated in 1994 and split amicably in 1995. She has one older sister named Sandi King and one younger brother named Barry King.

Jaime enrolled in an etiquette class at Omaha's Nancy Bounds Studios at age twelve and went to Westside High School, Omaha, Nebraska, which she dropped in 1995 at the age of fourteen to pursue a modeling career in New York. She later enrolled in a home-study program run by the University of Nebraska.

Jaime has been quite public in magazines about the fact that she was addicted to heroin from age fourteen to nineteen. She was turned on to heroin on her first modeling job at age fourteen and went to rehab at age nineteen. She went sober in 1997 after her boyfriend, fashion photographer David Sorrenti (son of photographer Francesca Sorrenti and brother of photographer Mario Sorrenti), died at age 21 of a kidney ailment that was thought to have been brought on by excessive heroin use.

Besides Sorrenti, Jaime, who is friends with numerous musicians, has also romanced rock star Kid Rock (born on January 17, 1971), whom she dated when she was 20. She was also romantically linked with Bradley Cooper (met while working on the Fox series "Kitchen Confidential" in 2005; no longer together), Matt Damhave (reportedly dating in 2002), Robert Ritchie (together in 2000-2001), actor Jake Gyllenhaal (reportedly dated in spring 2001), and model and personal trainer Alex Burns.

In late May 2007, Jaime became engaged to her “Fanboys” director Kyle Newman (born on March 16, 1976). They were married on November 23, 2007 at Greystone Park and Manor in Beverly Hills, California.

While not busy filming, Jaime, who admits to being a huge Britney Spears fan, listens to The Wu-Tang clan, Tori Amos, and Fiona Apple. She also enjoys doing her hobbies that include surfing, writing, and photography. She now lives in Los Angeles.

Happy Campers


Daughter to a former beauty queen, Jaime King was determined to follow her mother's footsteps and enrolled in an etiquette class at Omaha's Nancy Bounds Studios at age 12. When she was 14, she was spotted by Company Management owner Michael Flutie, who offered her a chance to model in New York.

By age 15, King had already graced on the pages of such magazines as Vogue, Mademoiselle, Allure, and Seventeen. At 16, she was spotlighted as an upcoming star in The New York Times Magazine, and subsequently appeared on several elite fashion magazines, including Glamour and Harper's Bazaar. She has most recently graced the covers of Cosmopolitan and Details.

Meanwhile, King also has walked down the runways of big league fashion shows for designer houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior and Marithe & Francois Girbaud. Additionally, she has appeared in advertisements for such companies as Bebe, Benetton, Guess?, Kenneth Cole, Macy's, Mondi, and Nordstrom.

On the huge wages models earn, King admitted, "The hardest thing is when you go home and realize that you've grown 10 years in 2 days."

After co-hosting MTV's fashion series "House of Style" with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and appeared in the music video "Take a Picture" (1999) for the industrial rock band Filter, King made film debut in writer/director Daniel Waters' comedy alongside Brad Renfro and Dominique Swain, "Happy Campers" (1999), which screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2001. It earned her a Best Actress nomination at the DVD Exclusive Awards.

Following her big screen debut, King acted in Michael Bay-directed World War II romance epic "Pearl Harbor" (2001; with Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin, Jon Voight, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dan Aykroyd, and Jennifer Garner), playing 17-year-old nurse Betty Bayer, and portrayed the grown-up incarnation of Johnny Depp's daughter in Ted Demme's film about drug trafficking, "Blow" (2001).

She also co-starred with Joshua Jackson as his step-sister and fiancee living in a small town and is desperate to leave the small town, in David Semel's romantic comedy "Lone Star State of Mind" (2002), and with Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman, and Jason Segel in Dewey Nicks' comedy movie "Slackers" (2002), in which she played the brainy babe Angela.

About her sex scenes in "Slackers" (2002), King recalled, "There are about a hundred people sitting there watching you and you're having sex with this guy and he's wearing a thong. You're trying not to laugh your a** off. You're licking his face and he's licking yours, and it's so gross and so nasty, but it's funny too. It's so outrageous, especially when you think 'This is my life; I'm getting paid to have sex with a guy in a thong!'"

Meanwhile, as a model, King starred in the music video for “Wish You Were Here” (2001) by Incubus and "Sexed Up" (2003) by Robbie Williams. She also appeared in the Pirelli Calendar for 2002 as the month of April and on the TV commercials for Revlon (2002).

Returning to acting, King had female lead as Jade aka "Bad Girl," opposite Chow Yun-Fat and Seann William Scott, in Paul Hunter's martial arts comedy fantasy film loosely based on the comic book by Michael Avon Oeming, "Bulletproof Monk" (2003), and played socialite Heather Vandergeld in the Wayans Brothers poor comedy "White Chicks" (2004).

From 2005 to 2006, King played Tanya, the hostess on Fox's short-lived sitcom based on Anthony Bourdain's New York Times bestselling book, "Kitchen Confidential," starring Bradley Cooper. During this time, she was cast with Evan Rachel Wood, James Woods, and Ron Livingston in Marcos Siega's dark comedy/satirical indie film "Pretty Persuasion" (2005), and was featured as the beautiful twins Goldie/Wendy in the segment “The Hard Goodbye” opposite Mickey Rourke in "Sin City," Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's film adaptation of Miller's uber-noir series of graphic novels. She also appeared in the music video "Chariot" (2005) by Gavin Degraw.

After "Kitchen Confidential," King played the recurring role of Palmer Wyland, Ethan's (played by Jason Ritter) ex-girlfriend who strongly dislikes Lizzy Caplan's Kat, on CBS Emmy Award-nominated sitcom "The Class" (2006-2007). Meanwhile, she starred Eric Styles' thriller film "True True Lie" (2006) and appeared in David Arquette's directorial debut, "The Tripper" (2006), a satirical horror film co-produced by Arquette and his wife.

She also played the lead role of a young mother and her six-year-old son who come face to face with the mysteries of two murders and a great crime against the Chinese community, in Ernie Barbarash's horror/thriller movie, "They Wait" (2007).

King has completed her latest film project, "The Pardon," a true story-based drama directed by Tom Anton in which she will star as Toni Jo Henry, a product of childhood abuse and neglect who is accused of murder and faces electrocution in two highly publicized and sensational murder trials.

She will soon wrap Jim Kouf's comedy "A Fork in the Road," real-life husband Kyle Newman's adventure comedy "Fanboys," with Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, and Kristen Bell, and Frank Miller's film adaptation of the newspaper strip created by Will Eisner, "The Spirit," in which she portrays Lorelei Rox, alongside Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, and Eva Mendes.

She will also co-star as Jensen Ackles' old flame in Patrick Lussier's remake of the 1981 Canadian slasher film, "My Bloody Valentine 3-D," act opposite with Justin Chatwin and Spencer Treat Clark in Jeff Woolnough's comedy "Riding the Pine," and reprise her "Sin City" role in the sequel "Sin City 2."

Meanwhile, TV audiences will catch her in an upcoming sitcom starring Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall scheduled to air on CBS in fall 2008, "Project Gary," in which she will play Vanessa.


  • Young Hollywood: New Stylemaker - Female, 2001

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