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Hugh Jackman was warned against Wolverine role by wife
SP_COP - May 26, 2014 -
Actor HUGH JACKMAN's wife warned him against taking the biggest role of his career in the X-MEN movie franchise - because she thought the idea of her husband playing Wolverine on screen it was "ridicu...
Sandra Bullock, Hugh Jackman, & Taylor Lautner @ Nick's KCA's 03.28.09
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Hugh Jackman on Conan Nov 2008 Promoting Australia
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Hugh Jackman Wallpaper on Deception
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Patrick Stewart: We were taught how to store emotions
SP_COP - May 26, 2014 -
IF I were a Trekkie, as opposed to someone who enjoyed Star Trek but was never a true devotee, I would surely have died and gone to heaven early on in my lunch with Patrick Stewart. Or, as a Trekkie m...
Hugh Jackman - Safari - Feb 2009 - mag cover [MQ]
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Hugh Jackman keen for Wolverine and Deadpool to square off once more
SP_COP - May 23, 2014 -
Hugh Jackman is busy on the publicity trail for X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and having already suggested an Avengers team-up earlier in the week, is now beating the drum for a Wolverine vs. Deadpool r...