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Haeather Tom Profile
“I have loved my time in New York City and I have been so lucky to have known and worked with some of the best people..
Haley Bennett Profile
Dynamic young actress Haley Bennett made her film debut in 2007 as pop diva Cora Corman in the musical/romantic comedy "..
Haley Joel Osment Profile
ďFor me, choice is the most important thing because Iím going to be an adult actor pretty soon. So Iíve got to be choosing t..
Haley Ramm Profile
“I have usually played a nice girl and some of my characters have problems but the audience is sympathetic to them. Yo..
Halle Berry Profile
Actress, Model, Producer
"Omigosh, oh my God... No, I don't have to give this (Oscar) back. It's got my name on it." Halle Berry An A-list..
Halley Feiffer Profile
Actress and playwright Halley Feiffer, the daughter of famed satirist, playwright, and cartoonist Jules Feiffer, won a natio..
Hal Sparks Profile
Actor, comedian, producer and writer Hal Sparks is perhaps best known for playing Michael Novotny on the American version of..
Hana Laszlo Profile
Israeli actress and comedian Hana Laszlo became known in the comedy circuits during the 1980s and 1990s thanks to her popula..
Hank Azaria Profile
Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director
American actor and renowned voice artist Hank Azaria is perhaps best known for his voice work on Foxís popular animated seri..
Hannah Spearritt Profile
actress, musician
“Every job is hard work and if you're taking on one of the leads then you're pretty much in from the beginning to the..
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