Giuliana DePandi
Birth Date:
August 17, 1975
Birth Place:
Naples, Italy
News Anchor
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland (graduated with B.A in journalism)
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E! News Daily


Italian-Born, American raised Giuliana DePandi came to prominent as the host of “E! News Daily” (2002-?). Before joining E!, she covered entertainment news online, serving as a newscaster at Load Media and an entertainment correspondent for Detour magazine’s Website, and first ventured to television as a producer for the syndicated series “Uncovered.”

DePandi, who shares the same birthday as actor Sean Penn, followed her successful stints in E! with a variety of projects, including making her feature film acting the debut in the Jamie Kennedy and Taye Diggs starring vehicle Malibu’s Most Wanted (2003). She also served as a co-host in award shows like The Golden Globes, The Academy Award and The Emmy Awards.


Childhood and Family:

Giuliana DePandi was born on August 17, 1975, in Naples, Italy, but raised in Washington, D.C. She first recognized her dreams of becoming a TV reporter at age 6, after relocating to Washington, with her family. This led Giuliana to study journalism at the University of Maryland. Upon receiving her B.A degree, she pursued her master’s degree at the American University, and later moved to Los Angeles to launch a professional career.

Malibu’s Most Wanted


6-year-old Giuliana DePandi became interested in journalism after relocating from Italy to Washington D.C. Incapable to pay for a trainer, she learned English by watching TV before attending the public school system. Following high school graduation, she majored in journalism at the University of Maryland and at the American University in D.C. While in attendance, DePandi worked as a features correspondent for the syndicated university television station, wrapping numerous stories connected to Supreme Court, Pentago, White House and State Department. With master’s degree in journalism in her pocket, DePandi made her way to Los Angeles to full fill her childhood dreams of becoming a TV journalist.

After serving as an anchor at Load Media and an entertainment journalist for Detour magazine’s Website, DePandi made a transformation into the small screen as a producer for the MGM nationally syndicated series “Uncovered,” in which she also built her mark as an on-air flair. However, DePandi did not attain major success until 2002, when she was recruited as a news correspondent for 1996’s “E! News Daily,” which broadcast weekly from Monday to Friday at 7pm and repeats at 7:30 pm. She further increased her popularity by hosting “E! News Weekend.”

The prominent she earned from “E! News Daily” further opened DePandi’s career in showbiz. In 2003, she made her film acting debut as a massage therapist in the comedy Malibu’s Most Wanted, starring Jamie Kennedy and Taye Diggs, and appeared in guest roles in an episode of “Less Than Perfect” and “One on One,” the following year. Also in 2004, DePandi appeared, as herself, in three episodes of the game-show “Pyramid” and in the drama/thriller film Paparazzi, as well as emerged as the writer and executive producer of the documentary Nicole Richie: Her Simple Life (2004). Besides, she co-hosted red carpet events for award shows like The Golden Globes, The Academy Award and The Emmy Awards.


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