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Gerard Butler Enters Den Of Thieves
SP_COP - May 14, 2014 -
After logging years in development hell, writer/director Christian Gudegast must be feeling fairly happy right now. Hes finally locked down a leading man for his heist thriller Den Of Thieves, with G...
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Gerard Butler Jay Leno 10 8 09
Supernatural66 - Oct 19, 2009
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Gerard Butler quits Point Break remake
SP_COP - May 07, 2014 -
Creative differences and scheduling problems lead to Gerard Butler quitting Point Break...Outside of those paying for and making the new Point Break movie, we've not yet met a single person who wants...
Gerard Butler The Tonight Show with Conan July 2009
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Gerard Butler Jimmy Fallon Oct 16 09
Supernatural66 - Oct 17, 2009
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