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Gemma Arterton in Globe's The Duchess of Malfi - reviews
SP_COP - January 17, 2014 -
What you need to knowA new candle-lit production of John Webster's Jacobean revenge tragedy The Duchess of Malfi, starring Gemma Arterton, has been warmly praised by critics.Webster's macabre and viol...
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Gemma Arterton interview: 'I had some bad experiences in Hollywood'
SP_COP - January 11, 2014 -
I meet former Bond girl Gemma Arterton as she takes a break from rehearsals for her latest play. She is casually dressed, with tousled hair and no make-up. In conversation she turns out to be a mix of...
Gemma Arterton Mystery Pic
sk0m_A88 - Jan 29, 2018
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