Liam Neeson Drops Taken 3 Hint
SP_COP - February 03, 2014 -
Liam Neeson has hinted that no one will get Taken in Taken 3.It was revealed last week that Forest Whitaker was in talks to join the third instalment of the action franchise, and that Neeson was alrea...
Forest Whitaker Was 'Humiliated' During Shoplifting Incident
SP_COP - August 27, 2013 -
Forest Whitaker has broken his silence about his "humiliating" shoplifting accusation in a new TV interview. It's attempted dis-empowermentThe Oscar winner was mistaken for a Common crook at the Mi...
Oprah Winfrey I Can't Stand People Who Use the N-Word
SP_COP - July 31, 2013 -
Oprah Winfrey says she has no tolerance for anyone who uses the N-word around her -- no matter the color of their skin -- saying, "You cannot be my friend and use that word around me."Oprah -- along w...