Fefe Dobson
Birth Date:
February 27, 1985
Birth Place:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Take Me Away


“The things that drive me are poverty, and pain, and knowing that I don’t want to end up being alone and I want to do something with my life and I want the name Dobson to remain in everyone's heads. Basically, just to rock and be the best performer I can be, and be true, and be real, and give people the real Fefe, nothing fake, all real.” Fefe Dobson

Feve Dobson is young Toronto-based singer and songwriter who known for a blend of styles, incorporating her unique voice with heavy electric guitar riffs. After declining a record deal with Jive Records, she received her breakthrough by signing with Island/Def Jam Records in 2002. A year later, she released a self-titled debut album that displayed her brassy vocals over a pop-alternative, radio-ready groove skating between styles and incorporating plenty of electric guitar dynamics. The first two singles released from the album, “Take Me Away” and “Bye Bye Boyfriend,” received heavy rotation on MTV and radio stations across North America. As for Dobson, she was nominated for two Juno Awards, including one for album of the year, and won a 2004 Canadian Radio Music for Best New Solo Artist. Additionally, she nabbed three Muchmusic Video nominations in 2004, for Best Pop Video, Boldest Breakout Award as well as People’s Choice Favorite Canadian Artist. The singer was dropped from Islands Records in the mid of 2006. Her sophomore effort, Sunday Love, was planned for a June 2006 release, but it is now on hold due to the fact that her former label owns the rights to the album.

Dobson was named one of Smooth Magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the entertainment business” in 2004. She is good friends with Ashlee Simpson, and Nicole Richie, whom she met at an MTV Rock n’ Jock Football Event. In 2005, Dobson recorded a song called “Truth Anthem” on the Much Dance 2005 CD., in which the profits would benefit the Canadian branch of the benevolent organization War Child. The same year, she also participated in a public service ad, “Make Poverty History.” This ad brings consciousness to kid poverty worldwide. She is committed to this campaign, due in part to her having been raised in an unfortunate family.


Childhood and Family:

“It’s like I’ve experienced quite a weird and unusual life, you know, being with a mom who’s a single parent and struggling with money and things like that. It’s really hard. And it brings a lot of other insecurities in life and a lot of other issues in life, in school and a bunch of other things.” Fefe Dobson

Feilica Lynn Dobson was born on February 28, 1985 in a suburb of Toronto called Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. She is multiracial. His mother is of Scottish, Irish, Dutch, Canadian Indian, and his father is Asian Jamaican. Due to her skin color, Feilica, who has always been called Fefe, and her older sister Tanya were frequently persecuted by school peers. She also has two younger brothers, Sheldon and Cullen. Fefe’s father departed the family when she was young and she only saw him sporadically. She finally stopped seeing and talking with him when she was 13.

Fefe attended Tom Longboat Junior Public School and Heritage Senior Public School. She later pursued a musical education in Wexford Collegiate Institute, a Scarborough high school well-known for its performing arts program.

Bye Bye Boyfriend


Fefe Dobson grew up in a family with music became a great part of their life. She and her dynamic mother were continually listening to Top 40 radio, and the girl soon found music as her creative outlet. She spent most of her youth at a performing arts community center, and in her fifth grade she was discovered playing the role of Dorothy in a school production of “The Wizard of Oz.” Dobson knew early on that she wanted to be in music industry.

At age 11, Dobson received a karaoke machine from her mother as her birthday present. After she learned how to operate the machine, she made a demo tape consisting of 24 songs from artists like Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Selena and Madonna. By the time she had begun sending out the demo tape to record labels, she was already writing her own songs. She kept on searching for a record company while honing her musical talent at Wexford Collegiate Institute, but again found failures.

It was in 2000 that Dobson was offered a record contract with pop sensation Britney Spears’ label, Jive Records. They wanted to give her a fixed pop star image, but Dobson wanted more guitar and to include some of her own penned songs. Jive declined the idea. As a result, she departed the record company. Dobson was singing in a besmirched Toronto bar when she was spotted by a CEO of Island Def Jam Records, who soon signed her with the label.

Dobson met producer Jay Levine through Island Records and together they began working on her music. Her first two singles, “Take Me Away” and “Bye Bye Boyfriend,” were launched in September 2003 and have since earned scores of airplay on MTV and radio stations across North America. Her debut album, Fefe Dobson, was followed three months later, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Heatseeker’s Chart and No. 111 on the Billboard 200. During its first week of release, the album sold over 30 thousand copies. The singer joined Camplified 2003, a tour of East Coast youth camps that also featured fellow up-and-comer Skye Sweetnam. She also contributed on the soundtracks for movies Raising Helen and The Perfect Score (both 2004).

During much of 2004, Dobson did a number of activities to promote her debut opus, including making a live performance on TRL and appearing in numerous magazine covers and articles. She also was invited to open for Justin Timberlake for his European tour. In July 2004, Dobson launched a download-only digital audio single, “Don’t Go (Girls and Boys),” which was included in her reissued album. She further gained popularity by appearing in a 2004 Got Milk? ad campaign, as a spokesperson. Also in 2004, Dobson made her acting debut with a guest role in the television series “American Deams, as Tina Turner singing “River Deep, Mountain High.”

Dobson’s album, Sunday Love, was originally slated for a September 2005, but then pushed to October. By 2006, she made her return to the studio to add some finishing touches by recording five new tracks for the album, which was then scheduled for a June 2006 release. Sunday Love is now on hold because of the fact that Dobson was dropped from Island Records.

Since departing Island Records in June 2006, Dobson has moved away from her album Sunday Love because her former label owns the rights to the album. She is currently recording an entirely new album in her hometown of Toronto with the assist of her Canadian label Universial Music Canada. She is in negotiations with an American label to release her new album to the rest of North America and the world.


  • Canadian Radio Music: Best New Solo Artist, 2004
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