Eduardo Yanez
Birth Date:
September 25, 1960
Birth Place:
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
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The Punisher


Mexican actor Eduardo Yanez established a prominent career as a soap opera star in his native country with credits on “El maleficio” (1983), “El amor nunca muere” (1984), “Senda de gloria” (1987) and “Yo compro esa mujer” (1990) before gaining attention with his portrayal of Alfredo Robinson in the U.S. series “Guadalupe” (1994). He went on to appear in several American movies, including “Striptease” (1996), “Wild Things” (1998) and “Held Up” (1999) and the hit action movies “The Punisher” (2004) and “Man on Fire” (2004). He also appeared in the television series “Savannah,” “Soldier of Fortune, Inc.,” “CSI: Miami,” “Sleeper Cell” and “Cold Case.” After a break, Yanez revisited the Mexican soap opera genre with work in “La Verdad Oculta” (2006). It was followed by roles in “Destilando Amor” (2007), “Fuego en la sangre” (2008) and “Corazón salvaje” (2009-2010).

Yanez has been married and divorced twice. He is the father of one child.

Mexico City

Childhood and Family:

Eduardo Yáñez was born on September 25, 1960, in Mexico City, Mexico. He never met his father and was raised by his mother and stepfather. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional football player but switched his interest to acting after watching a rehearsal for the play “Vocacional No.1.”

In 1987, Eduardo married Norma Adriana Garcia. They divorced three years later. The marriage produced a son named Eduardo Yáñez Jr. Eduardo moved to the United States in 1991 and married his second wife, Francesca Cruz, five years later. The couple lived between Los Angeles and Miami prior to their separation in January 2003. Eduardo was later sued for failing to pay alimony to Ms. Cruz, but the case was eventually settled for an unrevealed amount.



Eduardo Yanez made his acting debut in a stage production of “Vocacional No.1.” After watching a rehearsal for the play, he asked for a chance to appear in the play and they gave it to him. It was not long before he came to the attention of producer Ernesto Alonso, who gave him his first soap opera role as Carlos on “Quiéreme siempre” (1982), opposite Jacqueline Andere, Rosita Bouchot and Enrique del Castillo. Thanks to his physical appearance and natural style, he soon became an audience favorite.

More work on soap operas ensued, including playing Diego in “El maleficio” (1983), Alfonso in “El amor nunca muere” (1984) and Fabián in “Tú eres mi destino” (1984). In 1984, Yanez debuted on the big screen with the lead role of Fernando in “La muerte cruzó el río Bravo.” The cast also included Eric del Castillo and Carmen del Valle. He followed it up with roles in Rubén Galindo's “Narco terror” (1985), “Enemigos a muerte” (1985) and Alfredo Gurrola's “Contrato con la muerte” (1985, starred Armando Silvestre, Maribel Guardia and Narciso Busquets). He also acted in Raúl Araiza's “El maleficio II” (1986), Rubén Galindo's “Yako, cazador de malditos” (1986), Gilberto de Anda's “Dias de matanza” (1987), Raúl Araiza's “Hombres de arena” (1987), Marcela Fernández Violante's “Asesinato en la plaza Garibaldi” (1987), Miguel Ángel Lira's “Contrabando, amor y muerte” (1988), and Víctor Herrera Zenil's “Panico en la carretera” (1988). In addition, he portrayed characters in Francisco Guerrero's “Bancazo en Los Mochis” (1988, with Jorge Reynoso and Ana Luisa Peluffo) and Enrique Gómez Vadillo's “Operación asesinato” (1989, with Raúl Buenfil and Luz María Jerez).

In 1987, Yanez was cast as Manuel Fortuna in “Senda de gloria,” opposite Ignacio López Tarso and Blanca Sánchez. He then starred with Adela Noriega in “Dulce desafío” (1988-1989), the story of a rebellious young girl who falls in love with her professor, and Leticia Calderón in “Yo compro esa mujer” (1990), playing Aldama. His performance in the latter earned the actor status as a leading man and TV and soap opera magazines named him “Best Actor of the Year.” Also in 1990, Yanez portrayed Fabian Albarran in the action movie “Carrera contra la muerte,” by Gilberto de Anda. He then appeared in the movies “Polvo de muerte” (directed by Juan N. López Reyes) and “Golpe brutal” (directed by Francisco Guerrero, both 1991) and the soap opera “En carne propia” (also 1991), in which he starred with Edith González.

After moving to the United States in the early 1990s, Yanez appeared in two soap operas for Capital Vision, “Marielena” (1994), where he starred as Luis Felipe Sandoval, and “Guadalupe” (1994), where he played the mysterious Alfredo Robinson. His performance in “Guadalupe” brought the actor more widespread critical attention.

Following a starring role in the Mexican movie “Ocho malditos” (1995), directed by Rodolfo Lopezreal, Yanez appeared in his first American movie with roles in “Robin Goodfellow” (1996), alongside Blaine Dunham and Keith Hudson, and “Striptease” (1996), which starred Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds and Armand Assante. The same year, he also made his American primetime television debut with the role of Benny Serna in the Aaron Spelling produced drama “Savannah,” which ran on The WB from January 21, 1996, to February 24, 1997. The show starred Shannon Sturges, Robyn Lively, Jamie Luner, Paul Satterfield, David Gail, Beth Toussaint, Ray Wise and George Eads.

Yanez was next cast as Jose in the TV film “Miami Hustle” (Showtime, 1996) and played Miguel Peralta in an episode of “Soldier of Fortune, Inc.” called “Collateral Damage” (1997) before taking the role of Frankie Condo in the John McNaughton directed erotic thriller “Wild Things” (1998), starring Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards and Bill Murray. He also portrayed Valdez in the Emmy nominated TV film “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie” (1999), which starred Jane Seymour. He closed out the decade playing gunman Rodrigo in the comedy “Held Up” (1999), starring Jamie Foxx and Nia Long.

Entering the new millennium, Yanez costarred with Sophia Adella Luke in the independent movie “Knockout” (2000), which was helmed by Lorenzo Doumani, appeared with Michael York, Michael Biehn and Joseph Makkar in the thriller “Megiddo: The Omega Code 2” (2001) and guest starred in the “CSI: Miami” episode called “A Horrible Mind” (2002). In 2003, he returned to the soap opera world in Univisión Network's “Te amaré en silencio,” opposite Ana Carolina da Fonseca and Marcela Pezet.

In 2004, Yanez was cast as Mike Toro in “The Punisher,” a comic book action film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, starring Thomas Jane as Frank Castle/The Punisher and John Travolta as the villain Howard Saint. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, the film received generally negative reviews from critics but debuted at No.2 at the U.S. box office. The same year, the actor also received a role in the big screen adaptation of A. J. Quinnell's “Man on Fire,” which starred Denzel Washington and was directed by Tony Scott. In 2005, Yanez guest starred in the Showtime series “Sleeper Cell” (as Felix Ortiz) and the CBS series “Cold Case” (as Felix Darosa). He then portrayed Sammy in the award winning film “Hot Tamale” (2006), starring John Hayden, Richard Riehle and Harland Williams, and Javier Espinoza in the MTV Films produced film “All You've Got” (2006). After a break, Yanez returned to Mexico with “La Verdad Oculta” (2006), a remake of “El Camino Secreto” (“The Secret Path”). He went on to play Rodrigo Montalvo in “Destilando Amor,” which ran in Mexico from January 22 to September 16, 2007, and Juan Reyes in “Fuego en la sangre” (2008), for which he was reunited with Adela Noriega.

Recently, Yanez played Juan del Diablo in the television series “Corazón salvaje,” which ran from October 12, 2009, to April 16, 2010.


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