Drew Fuller
Birth Date:
May 19, 1980
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, California USA
6' 1" (1.85 m)
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“I think the biggest reason ‘Charmed’ is such a success is because nobody takes it too seriously. Everyone kind of takes it for what it is and has fun with it, these boundaries that we’ve been given. It’s fun, but it’s much harder, I think, than a mystery or just a normal television drama, because here you have to make dragons and witches and potions and spells all really believable. In order for the audience to even believe it a bit, you have to sell it. I think that element is a big challenge.” Drew Fuller

American actor of film and television and former male fashion model Drew Fuller became famous while portraying Chris Halliwell on the popular television series “Charmed” (2003-2004, 2006). He has starred in films Vampire Clan (2002), Final Contract: Death on Delivery (2006) and The Ultimate Gift (2006). His other movie credits include Angels Don’t Sleep Here (2001), Vampire Clan (2002), and the forthcomings Army Wives (2006, TV), Loaded (2007) and Blonde Ambition (2007). Fuller, whose favorite actors/actresses are Ed Norton, Daniel Day Lewis, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Cate Blanchette, has also appeared in such music videos as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “BareNaked” (2002), Lindsay Lohan’s “Over” (2004) and Ringside’s “Tired of Being Sorry” (2005).

As for his private life, brown-haired, green-eyed Fuller currently resides in Los Angeles with his cat “The Chad” and his bird “Pink.” He dated his “Black Sash” costar, actress Sarah Carter, from 2003 until 2004.

“She’s (girlfriend Sarah Carter) really special and amazing. She’s made me want to be better. Before I met her, I wasn’t really the relationship type of person, and then I met her, and like honestly it was the first time I was like, ‘Ok, I want to make a go at this.’ Like really make a go at this. She just.... she pushes me.” Drew Fuller

Fight Club’s Fan

Childhood and Family:

“I grew up in Newport Beach (Calif.), where the kids in my high school drove BMWs and Mercedes. My family wasn’t that rich, but I saw what it does to people.” Drew Fuller

Andrew Alan Fuller, who would later be popular as Drew Fuller, was born on May 19, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, but raised in Newport Beach. He began his professional career as a model before going on to pursue a career in acting. He has a younger sister named Hilary.

Son of two-athletic parents, Drew likes playing such sports as snowboarding, surfing, tennis, rock climbing and basketball in his leisure time. He also enjoys watching movies, reading books, hanging out with friends as well as playing the piano. His favorite films are City of God, True Romance, Girl on A Bridge, Fight Club, Ferris Buellar’s Day Off, Star Wars and American History X. He mentions “The Da Vinci Code,” “Lullaby” and “Fight Club” as favorite books to read.

The Ultimate Gift


“So I’m down in Orange County and I’m feeling like okay, I want to be an actor. I go well, what’s the best way to break into the industry? And I think, start modeling for a bit and then I’ll break in. I thought that was a genius idea and every single model in Los Angeles is trying to be an actor. I thought I was really coming up with something great. It just wasn’t.” Drew Fuller

12-year-old Drew Fuller was spotted by an agent after a family friend put him on the cover of UCLA Magazine. After choosing to wait a few years, he broke into the modeling worlds at age 16 and soon became a hit. He modeled for such corporations as Tommy Hilfiger, Prada and Club Med. Fuller’s attractiveness helped him make the move to commercials easily and he landed gigs in a number of commercials, including Toyota, J.Crew, Subway, and Pepsi, with pop idol Britney Spears.

“I stopped modeling when I realized I was just doing it for the money and that acting was my real passion.” Drew Fuller

Following a successful modeling career, Fuller started branching out into acting. His first acting gig arrived in the late 1990s with a role in the short-lived television series “Partners,” playing Tom, and he made the leap into film the next year with the 2000 horror feature Voodoo Academy, starring Debra Mayer and Riley Smith. After a supporting part in Angels Don’t Sleep Here (2001) and a costarring role in the short The One (2001), which won the audience award at The Sundance Film Festival, Fuller scored a lead in John Webb’s Vampire Clan (2002), in which he was cast as real-life criminal Rod Farrell.

The same year, Fuller made his television movie debut in Home of the Brave, a drama directed by Steve Miller and also starring Rob Estes. He continued to act in a pilot of the award-winning show “The O.C” (2003), as Norland, and have a supporting role on the WB action/drama series “Black Sash” (2003), as Nick Reed. Commenting about his role in the latter show, Fuller said, “My character Nick brings a sense of fun and rebellion to Black Sash. There’s definitely sexual tension between Allie and Nick. Allie and Tory, they are two of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and they are both so amazing.”

“Well, the show’s been on for five years, and so when I came on, everything was kind of a well oiled machine and everyone kind of does their own thing and it’s easy for them, me: I’m new, I’m nervous, and I’m like, ‘okay lets do it’ and I am really excited about all the material and stuff – it’s different coming to a show that’s been established, it’s a blessing really.” Drew Fuller on “Charmed”

Fuller’s career, however, did not gain real impetus until he joined the cast of the WB successful series “Charmed” in season 5. He played Chris Halliwell, the second son of Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Leo (Brian Krause), from 2003 to 2004, and returned for the series finale in 2006.

A popular face on TV, Fuller maintained his presence on the silver screen by taking the supporting role of Sam in the action Close Call (2004), and more recently starred as David Glover in the Axel Sand-directed Final Contract: Death on Delivery (2006), opposite Alison King. After “Charmed” came to an end, he again had a lead role in the drama film The Ultimate Gift (2006), playing Jason, the grandson of James Garner’s character, Red Stevens.

The 26-year-old actor now has three different projects under his belt. He will play Brendan in the Alan Pao-directed action/thriller Loaded (2007), starring Jesse Metcalfe as Tristan Price, Corey Large as Sebastian and Monica Keena as Brooke, and Billy in Scott Marshall’s comedy Blonde Ambition (2007), opposite Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson, Rachael Leigh Cook and Penelope Ann Miller. On the small screen, Fuller is set to portray Trevor LeBlanc on the Catherine Bell-Brigid Brannagh drama film Army Wives (2006).


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