Dina Lohan
Birth Date:
September 15, 1962
Birth Place:
New York, USA
5' 11Ĺ''
Famous for:
Mother of actress-singer Lindsay Lohan
artist manager
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Lindsay's Momager

“You can only instill so much in your children, and then you just have to pray that they do the right thing. I have faith in my children. I know that no child is perfect, and they're going to make mistakes. I just hope they're not big ones.” Dina Lohan

Former Wall Street analyst Dina Lohan becomes well known for becoming the mother and manager of actress/pop singer Lindsay Lohan, and Lindsay's younger sister Ali Lohan, with whom Dina co-starred in the E! reality series “Living Lohan” (2008). The media frequently refer to Dina as a 'Momager.' In May 2008, she was voted by Mingling Mom as one of Long Island's Top 20 Moms.  

Dina has created controversy over her decision to make her daughter Ali the star of a reality television as well as for her regard to her daughter Lindsay's recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. She has also been accused of benefiting on Lindsay's popularity and personal battles in order to establish her own career. Dina has received harsh criticism for bringing cameramen from the entertainment newsmagazine series to film her visiting Lindsay in drug rehabilitation.

In late 2007, Dina blamed Jodie Foster for criticizing her parenting skills. She said, “It really saddens me that a mom would comment on another mom without even meeting me. Ironically, Lindsay's talent was compared to Jodie Foster's as a little girl! All we want as parents is to cultivate our children's dreams, no matter what field they choose. She has no idea who we are or what we have dealt with! If she has a question to ask me, don't ridicule me publicly! She should know how the press twists the truth. Don't judge without the facts!”  

Donata Sullivan

Childhood and Family:

Daughter of John L. Sullivan and Ann Sullivan, Donata Sullivan, who would later be popular as Dina Lohan, was born on September 15, 1962, in New York City, New York. She has two brothers, Matt and Paul.  

Dina married Michael Lohan, a long-time Wall Street trader and former actor (born April 25, 1960), on November 2, 1985. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Lindsay Dee Lohan (aka Lindsay Lohan) on July 2, 1986. Their second child, son Michael Douglas Lohan Jr. (aka Michael Lohan), was born on December 16, 1987. Dina and Michael separated briefly in 1988, but they later reunited. She gave birth to their third child, daughter Aliana Lohan (aka Ali Lohan), on December 22, 1993 and their fourth child, son Dakota Lohan, on June 16, 1996. Dina and her husband separated again in 2005 and eventually divorced on December 12, 2007.

Living Lohan    


Dina Lohan was a former singer and dancer. She later became a Wall Street analyst before coming to prominence as the manager of her superstar daughter, Lindsay Lohan. In 1998, she made her feature film debut in the Nancy Meyers directed remake “The Parent Trip” in the uncredited role of Woman in Airport. Daughter Lindsay magnificently starred in the box office hit family movie.  

In 2008, Dina starred along with her younger daughter Ali in a reality television series called  “Living Lohan.” Documenting the daily lives of actress/singer Lindsay Lohan's family, with most of the center on manager/mother Dina and younger sister Ali's effort to break into entertainment business, the show premiered on E! on May 26, 2008 and ended its run after nine episodes aired on July 27, 2008. Dina also executive produced the series.

Dina has been signed on to co-produce the upcoming horror/thriller “Slasher 3D” movie. She serves as a co-executive producer on “Wasteland Metropolis,” a horror/thriller film that is set for an October 13, 2012 release. She will produce the forthcoming drama film “Growing Defiant” (2012).  


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