MORE ABOUT Diane Keaton
SP_COP - May 05, 2014 -
She finally says something!After Woody Allen’s daughter Dylan Farrow wrote a piece for the New York Times about the sexual abuse she suffered at Woody’s hands, people began speaking out.But Woody's fr...
Diane Keaton  Premiere of 'Morning Glory in NY 07-11-2010
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Diane Keaton- Somethings Gotta Give
Mark85la - 03/14/10
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Diane Keaton Convinced She's Too Old For Plastic Surgery
SP_COP - April 30, 2014 -
Veteran actress Diane Keaton has ruled out undergoing plastic surgery to restore her youthful looks, because she is convinced she's too old.The Annie Hall star, 68, reveals she used to contemplate goi...
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