Gilligan castaway crew down to 2
SP_COP - January 17, 2014 -
With the passing of "Professor" Russell Johnson Thursday, there are now two living cast members remaining of Gilligan's Island's original crew of seven.Five passengers (and one skipper and one first m...
Who Is Dawn Wells? Russell Johnsonís Costar Mourns ĎGilliganís Islandí Professor
SP_COP - January 16, 2014 -
Russell Johnson, who played Professor Roy Hinkley on the hit television show "Gilligan's Island," passed away Thursday at age 89, reports.Johnson suffered kidney failure at his Washington s...
Gilligan's Island Actress Dawn Wells: Why Did Her Short-Shorts Make History?
SP_COP - January 16, 2014 -
This year marks the 50th anniversary of Gilliganís Island, and star Dawn Wells is celebrating another kind of milestone: being the first person on television to wear short shorts.Wells, 75, who played...