David Cross
Birth Date:
April 4, 1964
Birth Place:
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
5' 9" (1.75 m)
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Mr. Show


“I’ve always been a bit of a news junkie, but not as much as I am now. Hopefully that will change in a matter of months and I can go back to making more abortion jokes.” David Cross in an interview on the strong political nature of his stand-up act

Actor/comedian David Cross, who won an Emmy Award for his writing effort in “The Ben Stiller Show” (1992), was nominated for three more Emmys after working in the self-created HBO skit show “Mr. Show with Bob and David” (1995-1998, also performed on screen). Exploring his comedic talent through different medias, Cross was then involved in the movie Run Ronnie Run (2002), the comedy album Shut Up You Fucking Baby (2002, earned a Grammy nomination) and the sitcom “Arrested Development” (2003-2006, played Tobias Fünke).

Off screen, the loather of bands Creed, Evanescence, Linkin Park, P.O.D., and Staind took part in the UNICEF benefit song “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en” (2005). He formerly had a relationship with Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Transvestite Bar

Childhood and Family:

Born on April 4, 1964, in Atlanta, Georgia, David Cross saw his father leave mother Susi when he was ten years old. While studying at the Northside High School of the Performing Arts (now known as North Atlanta High School), he was elected Treasurer of his senior class and was voted “Most Humorous” by his classmates.

David, who at age 18 made his first professional performance in a local transvestite bar, briefly attended Emerson College in Massachusetts. After leaving college, he began a stand-up career with several comedy troupes in the Boston area.

Writing for Ben Stiller’s Show


David Cross met future professional partner Bob Odenkirk when they served as writers for the TV skit show “The Ben Stiller Show” (1992), where Cross also made a guest performance twice (in 1993). Amazingly, his writing attempt in Ben Stiller’s vehicle was awarded an Emmy.

Cross then took a minor role as a reporter in the TV biopic Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight (1994) before teaming up with Odenkirk to create and star in the HBO skit show “Mr. Show with Bob and David” (1995-1998, also produced and directed). Thanks to his fine effort in the series, Cross earned three Emmy nominations: two for Best Writing, one for Best Music and Lyrics.

While performing in the show, the comedian also appeared as Earl in two episodes of “The Drew Carey Show” (1996, 1997), had the supporting turn of Newton in Men in Black (1997, reprised the role in the 2002 Men in Black II) and starred as Irwin Wayfair in the family fantasy movie Small Soldiers (1998). A year later, he began producing the musical comedy show titled “Tenacious D” (1999), in which he collaborated with comedian/actor Jack Black.

After taking part in the star-studded comedy project Chain of Fools (2000, as Andy) and playing Dwight Hartman in Scary Movie 2 (2001), Cross received a DVD Exclusive award for Best Song for the track “The Golden Rule Song,” from his self-written movie Run Ronnie Run (2002). Also playing multiple roles in the movie (as Ronnie Dobbs/Pootie T/Chow Chow), Cross was nominated for another DVD Exclusive award for the track “How High the Mountain.”

At the same time, Cross released a comedy album titled Shut Up You Fucking Baby (2002) and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. It was followed by the DVD release of his self-penned satire film Let America Laugh (2003, also directed the “New York Office” segment).

Still in 2003, Cross detoured to sitcoms with the supporting role of Tobias Fünke, the husband of Portia DeRossi’s character, in the successful Fox series “Arrested Development” (2003-2006, brought in two Screen Actor Guilds and a Golden Satellite award nomination). After trying the drama genre with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004, played Rob), the actor provided his vocals for Marine in the video game Halo 2 (2004, won a G-Phoria’s Glow award).

The same year, Cross voiced Zero in the famous video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and released his second comedy album titled It’s Not Funny. Following his unaccredited recurring appearance in the comedy show “The Colbert Report” (2005-2006), the actor lent his voice for Junior Bloomsberry in the big screen version of the popular children’s books Curious George (2006).

Currently, Cross is working in Comedy Central’s animated series “Freak Show” (show began in 2006), which he co-created with H. Jon Benjamin. In the series, he also voices many characters, including Benny, half of a set of twins, and Primi, a peculiar premature baby.

Cross will be seen in such drama movies as Crashing (2007) and the biopic of Bob Dylan titled I’m Not There (2007). Cross, who will also act with Ray Romano, Judy Greer and Julie Claire in the comedy The Grand (2007), is now filming the animated movies The Legend of Secret Pass (2007, as the voice of Loo) and Terra (2008). Still working on an animation project, the actor is assigned to voice Stork in Cat Tale (2008), along with Sean Astin, Allan Cumming and Elisha Cuthbert.


  • G-Phoria: Glow Award for Best Voice Performance – Male, Halo 2, 2005
  • DVD Exclusive: DVDX Award for Best Original Song in a DVD Premiere Movie, “The Golden Rule Song,” Run Ronnie Run, 2003
  • Emmy: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Variety or Music Program, “The Ben Stiller Show,” 1993
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