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David Cubitt Profile
“When I first started out studying acting I wasn't very well received. I didn't get a lot of positive reinforcement, s..
David Denman Profile
American actor David Denman co-won a 2007 Screen Actors Guild Award for his role of Roy in the American version of “Th..
David E. Kelley Profile
King of TV series David E. Kelley first earned his reputation as a skillful screenwriter/producer after working in the NBC l..
David Faustino Profile
“After the show was on for two or three weeks, I went to the mall and I wore my “Married... with Children” shirt, just waiti..
David Fincher Profile
“I don't know how much movies should entertain. To me, I'm always interested in movies that scar. The thing I love abo..
David Foster Profile
Music producer/songwriter David Foster is widely regarded as one of the most commercially successful producers and composer..
David Gallagher Profile
A child actor-turned-teen idol David Gallagher reached television stardom at the age of 11 with his role as Simon Camden, o..
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