Dino De Laurentiis Profile
Born in Italy, producer Dino De Laurentiis is most likely known for his involvement in Michael Mann’s Manhunter (1986), Hann..
Diora Baird Profile
Actress, Model
Dita Von Teese Profile
Actress, Burlesque Artist, Dancer, Model
Diva Zappa Profile
The youngest daughter of the legendary musician-composer Frank Zappa (1940-1993), Diva Zappa once performed on stage in 1993..
DJ Caruso Profile
American producer and director D.J Caruso has demonstrated a unique combine of noir conventions and dark, almost strange sc..
Djimon Hounsou Profile
Actor, Model
“America has this understanding of Africans that plays like National Geographic: a bunch of Negroes with loincloths running..
DJ Qualls Profile
“It’s amazing. Last week I was eating Ramen noodles.” DJ Qualls on his dramatic success American actor DJ Qualls may be be..
DMX Profile
actor, musician
African-American rapper/hip-hop performer and actor DMX made a reputation for himself as the first artist ever to have his f..
Dolly Parton Profile
actress, musician, producer, writer
Dolph Lundgren Profile
actor, producer
Dominic Cooper Profile
“It frustrates me that we are such cynics in this country.” Dominic Cooper Starting his career on stage, up-and..