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Dick Latessa is an American stage, film and television actor. He is best recognized for his Tony award winning role as Wilbu..
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In the 1960s, Dick Van Dyke was famous for his role as TV writer Robert ‘Rob’ Simpson Petrie in the acclaimed sitcom “The D..
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“I think Grease is so popular because it’s about first love, first car, first heartbreak, first career disappointment... fai..
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American comedian and actor Diedrich Bader is famous for his performance as Oswald Lee Harvey in the ABC sitcom “The D..
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One of Mexico's most applauded actors, producer Diego Luna was a soap opera star prior to gaining his first starring role in..
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"I started to worry a little bit because we were very close, and I thought, 'Man, how's he going to feel when I start t..
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artist manager
     “You can only instill so much in your children, and then you just have to pray that they do the r..
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American actress Dina Meyer received critical raves after portraying the supporting role Elizabeth in the comedy/romance The..