Cybill Shepherd
Birth Date:
February 18, 1950
Birth Place:
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
5' 9''
Famous for:
Her role as Maddie on TV series Moonlighting
actress, singer, model, producer, writer
Hunter College, New York (1969)
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Moonlighting Blonde


"I think the measure of your success, to a certain extent, will be the amount of things written about you that aren't true." Cybill Shepherd

Successful model-turned-actress Cybill Shepherd nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for starring as Jacy Farrow in her film debut The Last Picture Show (1971, she later reprised her role in its 1990 sequel, Texasville). She also won double Golden Globes for starring as Madelyn 'Maddie' Hayes in the long-running, mystery-comedy TV series Moonlighting (1985–1989, alongside Bruce Willis) and as the title role in the CBS sitcom "Cybill" (1995-1998). On the silver screen, she played roles in such films as The Heartbreak Kid (1973), Taxi Driver (1976), Chances Are (1989) and Marine Life (2000). Cybill Shepherd, who portrayed Martha Stewart in Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart (2003, TV) and Martha Behind Bars (2005, TV), is currently filming her upcoming film, Hard Luck, alongside Wesley Snipes.

"I had the serendipity of modeling during a temporary interlude between Twiggy and Kate Moss, when it was actually okay for women to look as if we ate and enjoyed life." Cybill Shepherd

Blonde-haired, 5' 9'' tall Cybill Shepherd has 33-24-35 (in 1986) and 34B-25-36 (at celebrity bra auction, 1995) measurements. She was the 1966 Miss Teenage Memphis and the 1968 Model of the Year. On a more personal note, Cybill Shepherd was linked to singer and actor Elvis Presley (singer, actor; born on January 8, 1935), director Peter Bogdanovich (dated for eight years) and musician Robert Martin (born in 1948; together since 1994; announced engagement in 1996; separated in October 1998). She has been married twice and has three children.

On dating music legend Elvis Presley when she was 19, Cybill recalled, "The fact is Elvis got hooked on speed in the army. It was issued to soldiers on night maneuvers, but it also helped him keep his weight down. Then it got out of control. Did I want to be with someone who would have dragged me down? The only way to have stayed with Elvis was by doing drugs. Elvis died in his early 40s, which seems more and more shocking to me now."

Cybill Lynne

Childhood and Family:

Named after her grandfather, Cy, and her father, Bill, Cybill Lynne Shepherd was born on February 18, 1950, in Memphis, Tennessee, to parents William Jennings Shepherd and Patty Shobe (divorced). In 1968, Cybill graduated from Memphis East High School and enrolled at Hunter College in New York. She also studied at the College of New Rochelle, in New Rochelle, New York (1970), New York University, in New York, New York (1971, 1973) and the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, California (1972).

On November 19, 1978, Cybill tied the knot with David Ford, an auto parts dealer, but they divorced in 1982. Five years later, on March 1, 1987, Cybill married Bruce Oppenheim, a doctor, in Encino, California. The marriage also ended in divorce in 1990. From her marriages, Cybill has two sons, twins Ariel Oppenheim and Zachariah Oppenheim (born on October 6, 1987; father: Bruce Oppenheim) and one daughter, Clementine Ford (father: David Ford; born 1980).

The Last Picture Show


9-year-old Cybill Shepherd began singing for the choir at Holy Communion Episcopal Church and eventually became a featured soloist. At 16 years old, she began her formal training with the coach of the Metropolitan Opera Chorus. After failing in the East High School talent show with her music group, Cybill turned to modeling and won the Miss Teenage Memphis contest. She did not make the finals in the Miss Teenage America contest, but won the Model of the Year contest in New York City in 1968.
While posing for the Glamour Magazine cover in 1969, Cybill attracted the attention of Polly Platt, wife of film director Peter Bogdonavich. He later cast Cybill to play beautiful, but indecisive Jacy Farrow, who dated Jeff Bridges' character, in his screen version of Larry McMurtry's bittersweet novel of life in a small, sleepy Texas town in the early 1950s, The Last Picture Show (1971, also starring Timothy Bottoms). Cybill’s performance received applause and handed her a Golden Globe nomination for Most Promising Newcomer – Female.

"When a film wraps, the actors often like to keep some of their props or wardrobe as mementos. I wanted the heart-shaped locket and brown and white saddle shoes that Jacy wore, but (Bogdanovich's wife) Polly was in charge of costumes and wouldn't give them to me. I guess she figured I had enough of a souvenir… her husband." Cybill Shepherd (about her debut movie The Last Picture Show, 1971)

Following her first acting job, Cybill began studying opera with teachers in L.A., New York, and Rome. With the help of director Elaine May, Cybill learned to improvise on Neil Simon’s film, The Heartbreak Kid (1972). In director Elaine May’s second film and probably most successful comedy, Cybill costarred as glamorous, beautiful blonde coed Kelly, who became Charles Grodin's object of affection. Meanwhile, Cybill continued singing and released her debut album Cybill Does It . . . To Cole Porter (1974), which was produced by and featuring several duets with Peter Bogdonavich.

The subsequent years, Cybill worked with Peter Bogdonavich. He produced and directed Cybill’s next two features: Daisy Miller (1973, alongside Barry Brown) and the musical romantic comedy At Long Last Love (1975, opposite Burt Reynolds). The next year, she recorded Mad About the Boy, which later was released as Cybill Getz Better.

Martin Scorsese cast Cybill in the part of Betsy, a Senator's campaign worker wooed by Robert De Niro's character, in the Oscar-nominated thriller drama Taxi Driver (1976, also starring Jodie Foster). She then debuted on stage in a production of "A Shot in the Dark" (1977) and made her first appearance on TV with a starring role as bored housewife and mother Julie Walker in A Guide for the Married Woman (1978, alongside Charles Frank). She also made her last film appearance for a decade in Anthony Page's adaptation of Sidney Gilliat's play, a remake of Hitchcock's suspense classic The Lady Vanishes (1979), playing American heiress Amanda Kelly, opposite Elliot Gould and Angela Lansbury. Also in that year, Cybill returned to her hometown Memphis to work in theater. She also recorded “Vanilla” with jazz great, pianist Phineas Newborn, Jr. and the Beale Street USA Orchestra.

Cybill spent most of the 1980s on television. She starred opposite Sam Elliott in the nighttime soap opera "The Yellow Rose" playing Colleen Champion (1983-1984), a 29-year-old widow who runs a Texas ranch. She also appeared in the TV movies Masquerade (1983) and Secrets of a Married Man (1984). Cybill returned to the spotlight when she starred as Madelyn 'Maddie' Hayes (1985-1989), the former top model who unwittingly becomes a private detective, on the popular TV detective comedy series "Moonlighting," alongside Bruce Willis. In the hit series, created by Glenn Gordon Caron, Cybill also sang “I Told You I Love Ya Now Get Out” and “Blue Moon” (are included on the Moonlighting Soundtrack). Cybill’s performance also gained praise. She took home a Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical (1987). She was also nominated for Emmy’s Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (1986) and Golden Globe’s Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical (1988).

During her stint in the series, Cybill starred in the TV movie Seduced (alongside Gregory Harrison) and the miniseries The Long Hot Summer (both in 1985, also starring Don Johnson). She also signed a long-term contract as a spokeswoman for L'Oreal in 1987 and returned to feature films (after a decade absence) to star in Emile Ardolino's romantic comedy Chances Are (1989). In the Oscar-nominated film, Cybill played the lead role of Corinne Jeffries, a young woman with a perfect marriage who is shattered when her husband (played by Christopher McDonald) dies unexpectedly. She then reunited with director Peter Bogdanovich to reprise her signature role of Jacy Farrow in the sequel Texasville (1990, opposite Jeff Bridges). She next debuted as executive producer and co-writer (with Larry McMurtry and Susan Rhinehart) on the TV-movie Memphis (1992). In the drama film, directed by Yves Simoneau and based on Shelby Foote's novel, Cybill starred as a woman who helps kidnap a child from a wealthy black family.

From 1995 to 1998, Cybill executive produced, and starred as a struggling, middle-aged actress attempting to make a career in Hollywood, in the CBS sitcom "Cybill." Cybill’s performance garnered rave reviews and won her a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical (1996). She also earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical (1997) and three nominations at the Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (1995, 1996 and 1997). By this time, Cybill had also released the albums Talk Memphis to Me (1998) and Songs from the Cybill Show (1999).

The new century saw Cybill as June Nordstrom, a middle-aged lounge singer and mother, in Anne Wheeler's drama comedy Marine Life, which was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. She also published the memoir "Cybill Disobedience" and founded Shoal's Creek, Inc. production company. In 2000, Cybill began hosting the syndicated talk show "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus," but was replaced in early 2001. As a singer, Cybill recorded “Live at the Cinegrill” in 2001 at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt hotel.

After costarring with Robert Forster and Clara Bryant in Due East (2002, TV, adapted from Valerie Sayers' novels), Cybill gave an intense performance as hot-tempered perfectionist and browbeating taskmaster Martha Stewart, who built an empire out of her homemaking skills, in Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart (2003, TV), based on Christopher M. Byron's best-selling book of the same name. She also released the compilation albums Jazz Baby Nursery Rhymes and Jazz Baby Lullabies in 2004.

More recently, Cybill costarred with Joel Edgerton and Robin Tunney in writer-director Mia Goldman's Open Window and with Tom Berenger, playing his wife, in David S. Cass Sr.'s take on Arthur Hailey's novel, Detective (TV). She also reprised her Martha Stewart role in Martha Behind Bars (TV), a dramatization of Martha Stewart's recent trial and her subsequent five-month prison sentence. Currently, Cybill is in Rhode Island filming her upcoming film, Mario Van Peebles' crime thriller Hard Luck, in which she will star opposite Wesley Snipes, playing Cass, a middle-aged suburban housewife hiding a sadistic and brutal streak.

"I'm a very harsh critic of myself. I howl and cry at some of the work I have done in this life. LikB411e recently, a friend gave me a copy of The Heartbreak Kid, a movie I did in the '70s and I was horrified when I sat down to watch it. I mean, back then I could hardly talk. I did look great, though." Cybill Shepherd


  • Golden Globe: Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical, Cybill, 1996
  • Golden Apple: Golden Apple - Female Star of the Year, 1996
  • Aftonbladet TV Prize, Sweden: Best Foreign TV Personality – Female, 1988
  • Golden Globe: Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical, Moonlighting, 1987

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