Craig Young
Birth Date:
October 4, 1976
Birth Place:
Nottingham, England, UK
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Dream Team


Craig Young is a British actor who has acted in television, movie and theater productions. He is perhaps most known for his roles as Alex Wilkinson on Sky's long running show “Dream Team” (1998-2003), Temple Simms on MTV's “Spyder Games” (2001) and Coach Moore on Nickelodeon's “Just for Kicks” (2006). His film credits include “Totally Sexy Loser” (2003),  “A Good Year” (2006), “A Numbers Game” (2010) and “Return to the Hiding Place” (2011). Young is a member of The Nomad Theatre Company in Los Angeles, under the artistic director David Payne. Apart from acting, Young, who has a production company called Seven Deadly Films, which produces films and TV shows, has produced and written several shorts, including “Scooter Mum” (2000), “No Country for Gay Old Men” (2008), “The Arsebook Movie” (2011) and “Midnight in Parody” (2012), as well as the comedy film “Wannabe” (2005). Prior to becoming success as an actor, Young was a member of the British Pop band “Deuce,” which scored four Top 10 British hits, and was a VJ on MTV. He once also worked as a life guard and swimming teacher.     

Craig Robert Yates

Childhood and Family:

Craig Young was born Craig Robert Yates on October 4, 1976, in Nottingham, England. He is the youngest of five children. He moved to London at age 17 and attended the esteemed Central School of Speech & Drama. After a successful music career in London, Craig, who had acted since he was 10 years old, decided to return to acting and head to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.

On April 18, 1999, Craig married Elena Rosa. The couple have since divorced.

Return to the Hiding Place


Craig Young made his acting debut in the stage production of “The Price of Coal” at the established Nottingham Playhouse in England when he was 10 years old. While studying at London's Central School of Speech & Drama, he was selected to become part of the pop band Deuce, who released Top 30 singles in the UK charts during 1995 and 1996 before disbanding in 1997. Launched in January 1995, “Call It” peaked at No. 11 on the UK Singles chart, while “Need You,” which was released four months later, hitting No. 10. The two additional singles “On The Bible” (released August 1995) and “No Surrender” (released in June 1996) reached No, 13 and No. 29 on the UK Chart respectively. Young left Deuce shortly before the group split up to again concentrate on his pursuit of an acting career.       

Young hosted MTV in the UK on the shows “Select” (English version of TRL) (1996-1998) and the UK top ten countdown, “Top of the Pops” (1995-1996). He also hosted the Saturday morning show “Watch Out”  for GMTV. His first big break as an actor arrived when Young landed the role of Alex Wilkinson on the popular British drama series “Dream Team” (Sky One, 1997-2007). He appeared in the show in a total of 87 episodes between 1998 and 2003. Young also played the role of Claudio in “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Queens Theatre, in London's West End, as well as wrote, produced and directed shorts “Soho Streets” (1999, also acted) and “Scooter Mum” (2000), which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2001.  

In 2001, Young relocated to Hollywood and met his manager Louisa Spring there. He soon booked a series regular role on the MTV soap opera “Spyder Games,” where he portrayed the role of Temple Simms. He continued to appear in episodes of “Hollywood 7” (2001, as Ben Spearitt), “Charmed” (2002, as Dave), “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (2003) and “The District” (2003-2004, as Dixon Stout). In 2003, Young made his big screen debut in “Totally Sexy Loser,” an American comedy    film directed and written by Jason Schafer. The same year, he also played Lord Dent, Guard on the animated series “Licensed by Royalty.”

Young starred as Steve Williams in the 2005 comedy film “Wannabe,” which he wrote and produced and directed by Richard Keith. The film won Audience Award for Fusion Section - Features at the Dances With Films. He went on to make guest appearances in shows like “Zoey 101” (2005, as  Coach Ferguson) and “Lost” (2006, as Bender), before taking the recurring role of  Coach Leslie Moore on the Nickelodeon soccer series “Just for Kicks” (2006). He had an uncredited part as Sir Suchworth in the box office hit “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest” (2006), was featured as prison reporter on the direct to video “The Hard Corps” (2006), starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Razaaq Adoti and Vivica A. Fox, and portrayed Trevor in the British film adaptation of Peter Mayle's novel, “A Good Year” (2006), starring Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Didier Bourdon, Abbie Cornish and Albert Finney.

After making guest appearances in “What About Brian and “The Unit” (both 2007), Young produced, wrote and starred in the short “No Country for Gay Old Men” (2008), which was directed by Kim Mi Ly. He returned to the director's chair for a seven minute length film, “Don't Press Benjamin's Buttons” (2009), which he also produced, wrote and starred in. Young played the role of Kyle in the Stewart Hopewell horror/thriller movie “Slaughter” (2009), opposite Lucy Holt, Amy Shiels and David Sterne, and appeared with Madison Walls, Steven Bauer and Ken Howard in James Van Alden's comedy “A Numbers Game” (2010). Additionally, he had guest spots in television shows like “Melrose Place” (2009), “Fringe” (2010) and the small screen version of “10 Things I Hate About You” (2010).  

Young produced, wrote and starred in the short “The Arsebook Movie” (2011) as well as in the made for television film “Andy & Chaz Bugger Off to America” (2011). He co-starred as Piet Hartog in the drama film “Return to the Hiding Place” (2011), opposite John Rhys-Davies and Mimi Sagadin, and had a two episodic role as bad guy Dracul Comescu in “NCIS: Los Angeles” (2011).

Recently, Young starred as Own Wilson on the short “Midnight in Parody” (2012), which he also produced and wrote, and reprised his role as Dracul Comescu in a special episode of “Hawaii Five-0” called “Pa Make Loa” (2012).

Young will play the role of Cooper Jackson-Lee on the upcoming indie horror/thriller film “Trust,” opposite Treva Etienne, Daz Crawford and Mirelly Taylor. The film is set to be released on June 18, 2013.


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