Craig David
Birth Date:
May 5, 1981
Birth Place:
Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK
6' 1
Famous for:
His hit album Born To Do It (2000)
Bellemoor School, Southampton, Hampshire, England
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Born To Do It


R&B sensation Craig David is probably the best selling R&B singer in Europe with 20 million albums sold at age 25. Making his recording debut with Damage, he soon gained prominence following his partnership with The Artful Dodger, thanks to the club smash “Re-Rewind.” This fresh-faced native of Southampton, England, received even more recognition with the release of his crossover hit album, Born To Do It (2000), which spawned such hits as “Fill Me In,” “Woman Trouble,” “7 Days” and “Walking Away.” It was followed by Slicker Than Your Average in 2002 and The Story Goes... in 2005.

Outside the spotlight, 6’ 1” tall David, who was named one of Channel 4’s “100 Worst Britons” in 2003, is a huge admirer of the Southampton Football Club. He occasionally can be discovered wearing the clubs sport shirt during gigs. In 2005, David was attracted with a KFC bucket meal while at a music awards following disclosures that his trademark tea-cosy hat was made from badger fur. PETA is considered to have been behind the assault.

Caribbean Roots

Childhood and Family:

Craig David was born Craig Ashley David on May 5, 1981, in Southampton, Hampshire, England. His father is an Afro-Grenadian and his mother is from Jamaica. He began to write lyrics from a very young age, and had worked as MC on pirate radio and in local clubs by age 14. Young Craig also found himself pursuing a successful DJ career before finally embarking as a foremost UK recording artist.

Fill Me In


The Southampton native Craig David, who once worked as an MC and a DJ, first earned success when he started working in London at age 15. He wrote a B-side for British R&B group Damage’s cover of the Eric Clapton song “Wonderful Tonight,” recorded a version of the Human League classic “Human” and rose to fame after collaborating with garage act The Artful Dodger on the instant club hit “Re-Rewind.” Released off the Artful Dodger album It’s All About The Stragglers, the track reached No. 2 on the UK charts in 2000 and remained in the top 75 for seventeen weeks.

Lured by the success, David started a solo career by releasing his first single, “Fill Me In,” in 2000. The song soared up to number one, making David the youngest solo male artist to reach No. 1 in U.K. He again gained success with the release of the second single “Woman Trouble,” a duet with Artful Dodger, which hit No. 6 in the UK. His full-length album, Born To Do It, which was written almost totally by David and Mark Hill of The Artful Dodger, followed later that same year and was a huge hit. In February 2002, the R&B singer was nominated in six categories at the Brit Awards.

The album’s victory led to American release of “Fill Me In” in 2001, in which it ripped apart the Billboard Hot 100 chart and landed at No. 15. Two months later, Born To Do It was released in the U.S. It peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 and received platinum certification. Single “7 Days” became a top ten hit in America though “Walking Away,” which was a top three in UK and a top five in Australia, failed to reach the top forty in the US. The latter single also marked David’s last single to chart there.

David’s sophomore effort, Slicker Than Your Average, hit the music store in 2002 and fared noticeably less well than the first. Four of the six singles released from the album, “What’s Your Flava,” “Hidden Agenda,” “Rise And Fall” (featuring Sting) and “Spanish,” were top ten hits in the UK. His next single, “World Filled With Love,” hit No. 15 in 2003. It was followed by the even more unsatisfactory chart performing of “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” which reached No. 43 in the UK and became David’s first single to miss the top 40 in Aussie. Unfortunately, none of the six singles charted in America.

After his record label, Telstar Records, went broke, David moved to Warner Music, with which he worked for his third album, The Story Goes.... The album was released in the UK, Asia, Australia and other territories in August 2005, but not in the USA. The lead single, “All The Way,” peaked at No. 3 in the UK, and the second single, “Don’t Love You No More (I’m Sorry),” spent 15 weeks in the UK top 75, becoming his longest running single in the charts since “Rewind.” Unfortunately, the album’s third single, “Unbelievable,” opened and reached No. 18 in March 2006. The Story Goes finally sold four million worldwide.


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