Chris Tucker
Birth Date:
October 31, 1972
Birth Place:
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Famous for:
His role in 'Rush Hour' (1998)
actor, comedian
Columbia High School
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"I will always do stand-up, even if my acting career takes off. Stand-up is my life." Chris Tucker

Comedian and actor Chris Tucker gained international recognition costarring with Jackie Chan in the blockbuster Rush Hour (1998) and the sequel Rush Hour 2 (2001). Before his big break, Tucker was noticed appearing in the 1995 film Friday and the 1997 film Jackie Brown.

Best friend of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, Tucker was recently reported to be a witness for the Michael Jackson's child molestation trial. Along with film director Brett Ratner, Tucker will defend "Jacko."

Though he is a comic on screen, Tucker is also altruistic. In 2002, he joined former USA president Bill Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey in Africa to support the AIDS-aware-campaign and promote the economic growth in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique, and South Africa. He also recently went back to Africa with U2 member, Bono, to benefit the Save the Children program in Ethiopia and Uganda.

Most Humorous

Childhood and Family:

In Atlanta, Georgia, Christopher Tucker was born on August 31, 1972 to parents Norris Tucker (cleaning service) and Mary Tucker. The youngest of six children, Chris has two older sisters and three older brothers.

As a teenager, and being a big fan of acting, Chris was voted "Most Humorous" by his classmates. His school friends and teachers expected him to perform his wit on stage. After his graduation from Columbia High School, Chris was determined to pursue a professional stand-up career in Los Angeles.

Off screen, Chris Tucker is the father of son Chris Tucker Jr., who was born in September 1998.

Rush Hours


"When you're first starting out, you want to keep making good movies. When you're young and you're black, you do a bad movie and you're through." Chris Tucker

Initiating his comedy career as a regular stand-up in a neighborhood comedy clubs, Chris Tucker tried his craft in Los Angeles when he was 19 years old. In 1992, after performing in different clubs, he landed his first on-screen job in Russell Simmons' Def Comedy All-Star Jam, which aired on HBO.

His small screen appearance scored him the bit part of Johnny Booze in the motion picture House Party 3 (1994). Subsequently, he played Skip in Allen Hughes and Albert Hughes' Dead Presidents as well as portrayed drug dealer Smokey in F. Gary Gray's comedy Friday.

Two years later, Tucker teamed with Bruce Willis in Luc Besson's hit The Fifth Element, in which he played a peculiar host/DJ. As his name began to be noticed, he managed to appear as Franklin Hatchett in Money Talks and as Beaumont Livingston in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown.

It was in 1998 that Tucker gained his wide recognition. In that year, he won the role of LAPD's Detective James Carter, and shared the screen with action VIP Jackie Chan in the runaway success action-comedy Rush Hour. Tucker received critical acclaim for his role and in 2001, the sequel Rush Hour 2 was released.

Currently, Tucker is rumored to be starring in the upcoming Mr. President and in MGM's remake of The Pink Panther. For Rush Hour admirers, Tucker will soon appear again with Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 3, which is due for release in 2006.

"I wanted to cut down on the profanity, because I think I'm funnier without sayin' a lot of cuss words." Chris Tucker


  • Kids' Choice: Blimp Award, Favorite Male Movie Star, 2002
  • MTV Movie: Best Fight, shared with Jackie Chan, Rush Hour 2, 2002
  • MTV Movie: Best On-screen Duo, shared with Jackie Chan, Rush Hour, 1999
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