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Hit-girl Chloe Grace Moretz is star of the red carpet selfies at MuchMusic Video Awards
SP_COP - June 17, 2014 -
Teenage actress ChloŽ Grace Moretz oozed poise and style on the red carpet as she posed for pictures with fans.The 17-year-old Kick-Ass star was appearing at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, hos...
Chloe Grace Moretz - Out in LA 2/14/18
Dashxo - 02/16/18
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Chloe Grace Moretz - Out in LA 2/10/18
Dashxo - 02/11/18
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Chloe Moretz Surfs To The Fifth Wave
SP_COP - April 11, 2014 -
Having locked down its directorial choice in The Disappearance Of Alice Creedís J Blakeson, Sony and GK Films have been on the hunt for a star for its new sci-fi thriller The Fifth Wave. You can now c...
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